About this site… and about Energizing Water

This is a sub-site of Sophie's big site, Raise Your Vibration. This site is all about water.

About Me:
I am a Hungarian empath that can feel the range of emotions inside of you. I can connect directly to Source for Truth and can teach you to do the same. This site is only for people committed to raising their consciousness and that of humanity.

I am a true empath that can connect directly to Source for Truth. My mission is to teach you how to experience Truth for yourself. To raise your vibration not by running from your humanity but by embracing it.

Warning: This site is not for everyone. As an empath I can feel your anguish, suffering, joy, and willingness to commit. I can teach you how to reach higher levels of consciousness but only if you are willing to do the work.

As an empath I can see in you what you can't see for yourself. This is how you grow. My methods are confronting and aligned with Source always. Raising the vibration of humanity to evolve the human species is my only goal. I welcome you to join me on this journey.

On this site I plan to deal only with energizing your water, energizing your body, getting energized products.

Currently the products I offer are products to energize your water, your environment, and your body.

I used the Sante energized water products for about 15 years, then they became unreliable and pricey.

I asked Source to duplicate it for me, and the Energizer energy was born, that can be downloaded into anything, into your body, into water, into other stuff.

The product is superior to Sante's because it is not vulnerable to X-ray, so it can be shipped and it will maintain its energy. The only country that we are not shipping energized products currently is Canada: my last experience, on the summer of 2012 was that all the products got attacked by the Dark Side, and de-energized.

I am currently doing tests to see if it was a fluke, or if the Dark energy is still active and dangerous to the energized products.

I will know more by July of this year, 2013. If the products stay energized, I will resume shipping to Canada.

Here are some useful links for more information:

Or hear about the newest breakthrough in energizing water... it even works in Canada!

Water Energizer Audio

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