Energizing Water with Source Energy means energizing your body and energizing your life

Energizing water is actually quite easy.

I first encountered this phenomenon in 1996 or around, through Sante Water and their energized water products. Then ten years later, at a Kabbalah Centre event, with the Kabbalah Water.

I was told that the water was energized by The Rav, the head of the Kabbalah Centre, and that he meditated for hours over the water. Wow, that was really spooky at the time.

The Sante Water products use entrainment for the process of energizing water. Where they get the "seed" energized water: I can only guess. My guess is that they use some machine... If Manfred Bauer is a real person, and an engineer, I bet it is a machine... But my guess is that Manfred Bauer was invented by the Sante guy, Bill, and so was the left spin myth, but who cares. The water works... and I love it.1

I was using the Sante Water products, until they became scarce... and in an emergency, I asked Source, whatever that is, if it could duplicate the water... the answer was yes. Could I have the energy, please? And to my delight, the answer was yes.

The result was the Energizer® energy. It wasn't, and still isn't easy to summon it: unless I am fully present, and on the third level of connection, it doesn't come down.

There are three levels on which you can connect to the Vertical, which I call Source. It is as if a light column came out of my head, on the Tangerine spot, and take me with me... or more precisely, expand me to be both here, there, and in between. Miles tall... not necessarily pleasant, and you can see, it is not easy.

After a while I managed to record myself while I downloaded the Energizer, and it turned out that the recording can replace me connecting.

Energizing Water is today easy, and inexpensive. Energizing your water energized you, countering the effects of all the harmful stuff you eat, drink, or surround yourself with.

The audio also energizes your environment, your home, you, your office.

I used to sell physical energized water products that use entrainment to energize your water, but it's a lot of busy work, and I prize myself for my intellectual abilities, not for my physical ones... I can still sell the physical energized water products... if I must.

The Energizer® energy is just one of the energies I have received from Source... I actually have lots of energies for sale, for emotional health, for spiritual health, for physical health...

But the Water Energizer is still a bestseller... because everyone wants to energize their body, their home, and their life... And Energizing Water with the Energizer audio is easy.

  1. A so-called scientist, stuck in the mud, has a website that you may want to read before you continue []

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