How to energize a lot of water, so you can have enough for a large family?

water-energizer-setupThis is an updated article... For the past year or so, we've been using the Energizer Audio to energize the water in any quantity in much faster than you can do it with entrainment.

You can still get the containers, but you will also need the Energizer audio, and a headset. Your water will be energized in about an hour per gallon. The louder you pay the audio, the more energy it transfers to the water.

The Energizer® audio is like a comb... it removes the incoherence from the water that makes it impossible for the body to use it. It creates coherent sweet silky water that nurtures your body and your soul.

Here is link to the article that describes the Energizer® audio... how it works, etc.


41wFxCGO3FL._SX385_Here is the original article: Buy 2 Big-Mouth Water containers that you can fill easily, and they don't contain plastic that will eventually kill you...

The main reason you want wide mouth bottles, because no matter what you do, moss will start to grow in your bottle. It is easy to remove using store bought hydrogen peroxide and a brush. Clean your bottle at least twice a year.

I use two five gallon bottles in rotation. The water pressure in my home is very low, and it takes a bottle to fill almost two days... And I use a lot of water. I was my food in energized water, I cook everything with energized water, and I even water my house plants with energized water.

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