Energize Water to 650 With Energizer Audio – A fast revolutionary way to get fully energized water

water energizer audioWhen you energize your water with this audio, the water becomes silky, smooth and slightly sweet tasting.

It is easy to drink it, it's unmistakable. Tea, coffee tastes better, the ice cubes made with it make better drinks.

So, how do you energize water with this audio?

It's simple: all you need is the audio and a full size headset or headphones (about $20) that you can wrap around the container with the water, and you have energized water forever. You can even use the headsets on yourself: it is a quick pick-up when you are tired.

You need to play the audio for about two hours per gallon of water or any other liquid to fully charge the water.

Perfectly charge water's vibration is 650 on a scale of 1 to 1000. You can only reach 650 if you start with filtered water that has relatively few impurities.

But occasionally I have been forced to use it on tap water. Tap water's vibration is between 100 and 200, and the audio can raise its vibration to 300. 300 is a lot better than 100... it at least makes water drinkable, although the taste won't be the famous silky sweet energized water taste.

Your family will appreciate your efforts and will start drinking water again, instead of demanding soda or juices, where the sugar masks that the water it was made of is low vibration.

Water Energizer Audio: Energize Your Water With Energies Embedded in Audio; Beta Testers Complete! Necessity is the mother of invention... Or we could say that Creative Problem Solving is the mother of invention, at least in my case. Five days …

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Source: Energize Water to 650 With Energizer Audio - A fast revolutionary way to get fully energized water

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