Water Properties

What does all this so far have to do with your tap water? The average tap water measures in the 3,000 to 4,000 Bovis, or negative range. (on the Map of consciousness, MY tap water measures 80. I doubt if your water is any better…) Bottled waters have measured up to 5,000 Bovis, still negative.

Why is this? It is now understood the water can be damaged by several factors such as: the pressure in pipes, the pressure from water pumps, straight-line water pipes or conduits (remember, in nature water curves and spirals), exposure to negatively charged chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants. these factors combine in a telling loss of charge, or vibratory rate.

In the larger environmental picture, imagine as we release more contaminated, de-energized water (the live waters measure higher on the vibrational scale, around 120-200) and other pollutants back into our groundwater system, the groundwater quality decreases; then we re-use it, then recycle it back more depleted, into an increasingly negative feedback loop.

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