Energizer Insert

This item is discontinued. You can now buy the energizer insert at Amazon, and energize it yourself with the Energizer Audio®

Energize a large quantity of liquids at one time.

  • This energizer insert will energize anything, depending on the moisture content of the item, to 600 after 24 hours!
  • You can take it with you where-ever you go and energize liquid by dropping the insert into your cup, your bath tub, you can use it in your refrigerator, buy several for your pool to neutralize the sting of chlorine.I have three of these in my house, and I rotate them. This way I always have very highly energized water for tea, coffee, or just drinking.According to health gurus you should drink at least 1/2 ounce of clean fresh water for each ounce of body weight. I weigh 130 lbs, it means I need to drink 65 ounces of water a day. In addition to tea or coffee... so, I drink a glass of water every time I make tea. Tea and coffee are diuretic (make you pee fast, lol) so I replace that water with clean water...

    $ 30.00


    energizer insert for polar pitcher


    What else can you do with the energizer insert?

    You can put it in the refrigerator and your vegetables and everything will stay fresh longer

    You can put it in the dishwasher to energize your dishes

    You can have it around your computers to counter the effects of the EMF and to energize your space.

6 thoughts on “Energizer Insert”

  1. Hi Sophie

    How big is the energizer insert ? If I get the energizer insert without the pitcher, can I energize the water by putting the energizer insert into any bottle or container ? How long do I have to put the insert in the bottle/container before it is fully energized ? How long can each insert last before I change it ?

    I’ve read in your blog that the energizer inserts come with the HOE. Does that mean that I don’t have to purchase the HOE separately ?

    I’d appreciate your reply and comments. Thank you.

    1. the only bottle I found that the energizer insert fits are the wide-mouth refrigerator bottles

      Please read the articles before you ask questions, it is written at many places that the insert is charged at least a year.

      I am not offering HOE charged inserts for sale to strangers.

  2. Hi i live in india ,Your energiser insert product is amazing and iam interested in purchasing.can you please supply to me. Iam unable to buy through your website as you sell only to usa customer.

  3. After reading your answer to Cecilia’s questions, I couldn’t help but thinking: What an idiot! Not Cecilia, but You, Sophie Benshitta Maven.

    And I wonder: will the rigid upbringing as a child in the severe and harsh environment of merciless caregivers in postwar Hungary ever leave its mark on your wounded heart?

    1. thank you. I have re-read the answer and didn’t see how I am an idiot, but I am always honored to converse with people who say “idiot” fast and easy… lol

      With regards to Hungary and harsh environment… maybe my parents were harsh, but the environment was just fine.

      How does it feel to be so prejudiced and judgmental? When I connected to you (remember, I am an empath) I vowed never to be judgmental if it feels like that!

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