Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I use tap water in my pitcher? - Answer: No. I don't recommend it. The pitcher only changes the energy and the spin of the water, but all the contaminants are still there in tap water.Although fluoride and chlorine seem to be undergoing a transformation when energized, the rest of the contaminants don't allow the water to become coherent.
  • What kind of water do you recommend? Bottled water? Filtered Water? - Answer: that is a matter of taste. A student of mine hates her water even after it is filtered, and she has an expensive reverse osmosis filter unit.I had one of those, but I didn't like it, so I removed the third stage, and am still using the unit. also, reverse osmosis water cannot be made coherent.


  • Will you sell inserts with the "Unbreakable" energy? I hear it raises the water to 850, vs. 650 with the "Energizer" energy. -- Answer: I am still testing the Unbreakable. I like the sweet taste of the Energizer, but I am sure lots of people will like the Unbreakable: it has a different taste.I am not exactly sure why they taste different, but they do. If I needed my house energized any more (god forbid!) I would get an insert with the Unbreakable, and fill the hanging energizers with that water: the energy itself is very very nice. Of course, what do you expect from an 850 energy... right?


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  1. Sophie,

    I have a whole house water energizer and portable one too called Natural Action their website is It tests good when I muscle test it. Have you tested those by chance? I am just wondering if they raise the vibration and energy of water? Thank you so much.

    1. Amy, I don’t guarantee that the muscle test is accurate with this… but it says that the Natural Action structuring method doesn’t do anything to the water and doesn’t raise its vibration. I saw the prices, I am very sorry.

  2. Thank you Sophie. Luckily I bought it at a wholesale price but I am sad that it doesn’t do anything. When I tested it brought water from 0 units of energy to 500 and to 3000 after running through portable unit 6 times. I used Wendel Hoffman’s chart he wrote a book Pendulum and Projection but he is probably low in vibration. I noticed also my garden is growing like crazy since I’ve been watering with it. Maybe the wrong kind of energy spinning there. I will buy your energizer for sure. Thank you.

    1. Often your energy and love and caring increases when you provide something that you believe is beneficial, and that is what the plants respond to. I have tested, by the way, and MY plants don’t like energized water. Tap water is better for them. Why? Maybe energized water is too high energy for them, it is not meant for plants.

      The 850 energy water, the one that I infuse the Unbreakable into, is not good for drinking for humans, not compatible internally.

      There are more things that we don’t understand than things that we do.

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