What is the difference between Vortex Water and Energized Water energized with the Energizer® energy?

scalar2There is a difference.

What causes water's low energy, water's incoherence, is the little water spouts around impurities...

Just like you, your water is ADD, maybe even ADHD. Distilled water has more water spouts, so it is more incoherent even than tap water purified with primitive filters.

ADD and ADHD, in this connotation means that the water cannot pull it together, it is all over the place, it is confused, and it is hapless.

It may be strange to say that water is hapless, but that is how water feels... as an Empath I can tell you that. Starts and stops, attention span of a fly.

When you put incoherent water in your body, all hell breaks loose...

...even if you weren't ADD before, it actually makes YOU incoherent, hapless, starts and stops... all over the place.
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Scientific Evidence

Scientific Evidence

Scientific research in the past two decades which studied water has produced some startling new information. Water is not just some simple liquid that we happen to need to drink.Scientists, such as the French biologist, Dr. Jacques Benviste; Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a physicist with the Temple University in
 Philadelphia; Dr. Enzo Ciccolo, a biologist with the Cooperative Nuova in Milan, Italy; Dr. Horst Felsch, who is the Director of the Civil Environmental Laboratory in Fieberbrunn, Germany; and Drs Engler and Kokoschinegg have performed experiments with water and have arrived at these special conclusions:

  • Every atom, molecule, or substance has its own unique oscillation pattern, or vibration, which can be measured in electromagnetic wavelengths. (Ciccolo, "Domenica del Corriere", February 18, 1988)     (Beneviste)
  • Water is a Carrier of information; as a solvent it is the best known conductor of vibration, with information transfer possible without direct contact. (Ciccolo)
  • Water possesses the ability to store information that has been impressed upon if from a given vibration for long periods (Engler and Kokoschinegg, 1988), as can be measured by specific electromagnetic wavelengths found in water; thus even after harmful physical substances are removed, their negative energy vibrational patterns, or "signatures" still remain, which can be traced back precisely to the original substances.  (Ludwig)(Beneviste, in "Natur-Wissen")
  • Water can transfer such information from vibrational patterns, or "memory", to other systems, including living organisms. (Ludwig)(Felsch)
  • Water revitalization allows water in a higher vibrational state to transfer, or share, its higher frequencies, which act to balance out low energy and negative information. (Ciccolo)
  • Water can retain the vibrational memory of a substance even after it is diluted beyond Avogardro's number, where no physical traces of the substance remain. (Beneviste)
  • Water quality can also be evaluated by the amount of ultra-violet light it absorbs. "Poor" quality water will absorb higher amounts of UV light, while "good" quality water absorbs low amounts. (Ludwig)
  • The minimum specific warmth and the maximum structural potential of water is measured at 37.5 degrees C, or the normal human body temperature (98 degrees F); this finding indicates that water at this temperature is at a maximal structure point to acquire a large amount of information.  (Felsch)(Engler and Kokoschinegg, 1988)

Putting all these special properties together into one picture reveals the importance of using the Energized Water SYSTEM.

Because even when water is "cleansed" of contaminants by purification it still retains the vibrational memory left from these contaminants, and their unhealthy informational messages can then be passed along into living organisms such as your body. These unhealthy messages can induce stress in the body as it must try to compensate and adapt to all such messages it receives. Chronic stress can lead to conditions ripe for degeneration in the body.

Revitalized water reduces the endless flood of low energy, negative information that inundates the body from typical water.

The human body may be uniquely susceptible to the memory/information capacity of the water in view of the 37.5 degree C factor. Thus, positively energized water has the best potential at this temperature to spread its "good news" throughout the body; conversely, negatively energized water can spread its "bad news" with unfortunate efficiency. (Felsch)