From time to time I get incoherent.

Coherence is when all your energies, all your fibers share the same direction and the same rhythm. Much like having a six-horse carriage, and the horses pull in the same direction. Incoherence is like herding cats... hopeless. I am rarely … Continue reading "From time to time I get incoherent."

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What is Love, how does meditation work, what do the activators do?

i-love-youI have a Landmark Education friend. In Landmark you invent a new possibility for yourself and your life as often as daily... Possibility used to fix your wretched life... in spite of the fact that possibility does none of that. … Continue reading

Source:: What is Love, how does meditation work, what do the activators do?

Homing Device. Psychic Attacks, The Drama Unfolds: the Water Mystery Solved

property marking with homing device I have been drinking energized water since 1996. It has made a huge difference in my health. I could say that my well-being increased 200-300%, or said another way, my malaise has decreased by more than half.

A year or so ago the supplier of the energized water products went bankrupt and I started to wish I could, somehow either acquire the patent to produce the water or maybe, by some miracle, be given the method.

My desire was fulfilled this year and I have been able to provide energized water products for a fraction of the cost I used to pay for them.

At roughly the same time, Trivedi of Trivedi Wellness came out with his own Trivedi Water. It was an instant hit, in spite of its high cost. Lots of people want to be well, want to be pretty, want to feel energized.

Around May 6 I asked for Source to duplicate Trivedi's energy, and Source said: No problem.

homing device: Trivedi Water I premiered the energy on a May 8 healing meditation call... and that was the starting point of something... I'd like to explain in this article.

At the time I had a student who used to send me donations... for who knows why. Around that date the donations stopped.
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