The Future of Water

The Future

There is another advantage to using ENERGY WATER. When many homes and businesses discharge ENERGY WATER into the waste-water systems, slowly our ground waters, rivers and lakes will be improved by this addition of “Living Water”. Improved water in the lakes and seas will slowly add to the improvement of the rainwater which is generated by them.

The ENERGY WATER SYSTEM is a new tool we now have to fight back and reclaim safe, healthy drinking water on our planet. Become a part of this revolutionary action to revitalize our precious resources and


Water Properties

What does all this so far have to do with your tap water? The average tap water measures in the 3,000 to 4,000 Bovis, or negative range. (on the Map of consciousness, MY tap water measures 80. I doubt if your water is any better…) Bottled waters have measured up to 5,000 Bovis, still negative.

Why is this? It is now understood the water can be damaged by several factors such as: the pressure in pipes, the pressure from water pumps, straight-line water pipes or conduits (remember, in nature water curves and spirals), exposure to negatively charged chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants. these factors combine in a telling loss of charge, or vibratory rate.

In the larger environmental picture, imagine as we release more contaminated, de-energized water (the live waters measure higher on the vibrational scale, around 120-200) and other pollutants back into our groundwater system, the groundwater quality decreases; then we re-use it, then recycle it back more depleted, into an increasingly negative feedback loop.

Results And Experiences

Results and Experiences

The results we had in the last months using the ENERGY WATER SYSTEM on the house water pipes, or on pools, are incredible:

People, that were never able to drink tap water have no problem any more. They think its better than Supermarket Water…

The red skin after the shower in the morning is gone. Other skin problems suddenly disappear.

Plants grow as never before. Using this water in a vase, it takes up to 3 weeks before it gets green and the flowers last much longer.

In a fish tank, the algae growth is stopped and the fish are much more vital.

In a water softener, the foaming stopped and the salt is still there after 6 weeks.

In a Barber Shop, the owner is now using just ENERGY WATER to shave his customers. No soap…

One customer, 76 years old, with snow white hair, suddenly after 4 months he starts to get black hair again…

All these things happened in the homes of our customers, and they continue to happen. We never thought of all the positive things which occurred, but we are very happy about that and the big gift we got from our planet. And we want to share it with you – NOW!

Scientific Evidence

Scientific Evidence

Scientific research in the past two decades which studied water has produced some startling new information. Water is not just some simple liquid that we happen to need to drink.Scientists, such as the French biologist, Dr. Jacques Benviste; Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a physicist with the Temple University in
 Philadelphia; Dr. Enzo Ciccolo, a biologist with the Cooperative Nuova in Milan, Italy; Dr. Horst Felsch, who is the Director of the Civil Environmental Laboratory in Fieberbrunn, Germany; and Drs Engler and Kokoschinegg have performed experiments with water and have arrived at these special conclusions:

  • Every atom, molecule, or substance has its own unique oscillation pattern, or vibration, which can be measured in electromagnetic wavelengths. (Ciccolo, "Domenica del Corriere", February 18, 1988)     (Beneviste)
  • Water is a Carrier of information; as a solvent it is the best known conductor of vibration, with information transfer possible without direct contact. (Ciccolo)
  • Water possesses the ability to store information that has been impressed upon if from a given vibration for long periods (Engler and Kokoschinegg, 1988), as can be measured by specific electromagnetic wavelengths found in water; thus even after harmful physical substances are removed, their negative energy vibrational patterns, or "signatures" still remain, which can be traced back precisely to the original substances.  (Ludwig)(Beneviste, in "Natur-Wissen")
  • Water can transfer such information from vibrational patterns, or "memory", to other systems, including living organisms. (Ludwig)(Felsch)
  • Water revitalization allows water in a higher vibrational state to transfer, or share, its higher frequencies, which act to balance out low energy and negative information. (Ciccolo)
  • Water can retain the vibrational memory of a substance even after it is diluted beyond Avogardro's number, where no physical traces of the substance remain. (Beneviste)
  • Water quality can also be evaluated by the amount of ultra-violet light it absorbs. "Poor" quality water will absorb higher amounts of UV light, while "good" quality water absorbs low amounts. (Ludwig)
  • The minimum specific warmth and the maximum structural potential of water is measured at 37.5 degrees C, or the normal human body temperature (98 degrees F); this finding indicates that water at this temperature is at a maximal structure point to acquire a large amount of information.  (Felsch)(Engler and Kokoschinegg, 1988)

Putting all these special properties together into one picture reveals the importance of using the Energized Water SYSTEM.

Because even when water is "cleansed" of contaminants by purification it still retains the vibrational memory left from these contaminants, and their unhealthy informational messages can then be passed along into living organisms such as your body. These unhealthy messages can induce stress in the body as it must try to compensate and adapt to all such messages it receives. Chronic stress can lead to conditions ripe for degeneration in the body.

Revitalized water reduces the endless flood of low energy, negative information that inundates the body from typical water.

The human body may be uniquely susceptible to the memory/information capacity of the water in view of the 37.5 degree C factor. Thus, positively energized water has the best potential at this temperature to spread its "good news" throughout the body; conversely, negatively energized water can spread its "bad news" with unfortunate efficiency. (Felsch)

Take Control Of Your Health

Amazing Water
By David Dancu
Before the floods of Noah, before epidemics, before disease and before a shortened life span, there was pure, energized water. Different from the water we drink now, free of chlorine, additives, chemicals for purification and toxins, from factories. This water was full of life giving energy, vitalized water.

Some 30 years ago, a French researcher determined a means of measuring the energy of earth and water, and called it .Bovis. scale. Starting at zero and growing to infinity, the level for neutrality is based at 6,500 Bovis units. Anything below that number is considered depleting or negative. The life force index for most current water resources, including rivers, lakes, oceans and fresh water supplies is below 4,900 Bovis Units. Tap water comes out at 2,500 Units. This may account for illness, disease and a diminished life span, as cancer has been read at 4,700 Bovis Units, while most other states of depletion or illness range from 5,700 to a low of 3,600 Bovis Units.

The earth’s strata (horizontal section) has given us a clue about what may have happened thousands of years ago. Reportedly, Scientific research has concluded that around the time of Noah’s flood, a radiation cloud from a Super Nova engulfed the earth for over 2 years.

Before this cloud, water registered in excess of 6,500 units and afterwards, much lower. The result being a non-vitalizing water supply which contributed to the current state of disease. Bible stories mention many long living individuals before Noah, but few, if any, after the flood, which coincidentally occurred around the same time frame as the radiation cloud.

Several years ago Manfred Bauer, a German Engineer, searched for both a cause and a cure for his own cancer. The cause was unexplainable, until he met a German Naturopath (one who uses natural means for healing without drugs), who explained that negative water lines below his home might have contributed to his diseased state. He was skeptical, but was determined to do everything possible to beat his cancer. Manfred’s research led him to previous German discoveries surrounding the energy of water and various vitalization processes. He then developed his own water vitalization procedure, over a 2 year period of time. Six years later, he remains cancer free.

Despite maintaining the secret of his discovery, Manfred willingly shares the results with those interested in listening. And, the results have been rather astounding. His company makes only two claims: water from his devices (mugs, cups, food containers, refrigerator products, whole house systems and pool or spa revitalizers), taste better and people who drink the water feel more energy and vitality..

Regardless of the limited claims being made, potential is limitless.

Imagine taking in water that actually provides the body with an innate ability to begin its own healing. In a time where skepticism abounds and scientific research or triple blind studies are the normal water vitalization process such as this will be questioned, and with good reason.

On the other hand, an old adage, .the proof is in the pudding., may also be appropriate, as we are each unique and our reaction to products is also unique. The only way to determine if this energized water is effective is to try it. That’s the easy part as it is inexpensive and maintenance free. Even the FDA has taken a look at the product line and concluded that there are no chemicals or additives being used and they had no concerns. about safety or side effects.

Through personal observation, a polycarbonate, energy water mug, eliminated the yellow and the chlorine taste of chlorinated water. Just from drinking vitalized water for a few weeks, headaches dissipated within minutes, energy improved, sleep was deeper, mental clarity increased, bowel function improved and a sense of emotional well being increased.

  • Natalie felt a distinct change in energy for the better and felt .clear headed. for the first time in months.
  • Sue was so energized that she needed less sleep.
  • Mark saw his liver function improve dramatically and an ability to get .more accomplished. was impressive.
  • Bill said his tooth pain was virtually eliminated .in minutes..

Few, if any, have tried the water and not seen some results. We live on a water planet and most everything connected with the earth has a high concentration of water. Our physical body consists of over 70 percent water. And if that water happens to deplete our systems ofm energy, we become susceptible to disease, ailments, germs and viruses. On the other hand, if we increase the energy of water to 10,000- 12,000 Bovis Units, we increase our ability to eliminate, reduce and prevent illness.

Manfred saw this potential when he developed his energized water products, which allow water to energize other water. One of the wonderful aspects of these products is their unlimited shelf life. They don’t need to be constantly replaced.

We have been blessed to live in an age where supplements and new techniques have provided a means for improved health while maintaining our lives for longer and longer periods. Antioxidants such as CO Q 10, Grape Seed Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, N Acetyl Cysteine, IP6, SAMe, MGN3, MSM and Green tea have proven to be breakthrough products for improving and strengthening the immune system. But there isn’t one of these or any other supplement that doesn’t require continuous replenishment. This isn’t to say that we don’t need supplements, minerals and vitamins, because we do. But, we probably wouldn’t as much as we would with an energetically improved system.


Take Control of Your Health

Energize Your Water, Energize Your Body. About the Source Energized Water… 70% of your body is water. Are you energized?

energize your water... life giving. 70% of all is water

Energize your Water: About the Source Energized Water... 70% of your body is water

Most of what we know, or think we know is Tree of Knowledge.

Tree of Knowledge means that we didn't have a direct experience of what we are talking about. We guessed, or someone else guessed and sold it to us as the truth.

That is the case with most of history, the Bible, and most of science.

Now, let's get back to direct experience: it is a tricky area.

I need to add something important: direct experience of something that is not open to interpretation.

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How To Get Your "Heaven On Earth" Energy, the 5th Phase of ascension?

heaven on earth energy bundle infused in water

How To Get Your "Heaven On Earth" Energy, the 5th Phase of ascension?

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle (the homeopathic energies of the 40 bad feelings) infused in water contains the antidote for all the bad feelings, all the character flaws, all the selfishness you can have. It is a one-command energy download, coming straight from Source.

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