Water Energizer contest

Water Energizer contest:

How to enter?

Send in pictures of your Water Energizer Setup.

Send the pictures to the email at the bottom of this page.

Make sure that what and where is the source of the audio is visible on pictures... I mean where is the mp3 player?

Once I receive your entry with the pictures, here is what I'll do:

  • 1. I will test your current cell hydration. It will depend on a lot of factors, but primarily on whether your water is indeed energized to 653 vibration or not.
  • 2. I will guide you to correct your setup and check where it is not up to par... if it is not perfect.

    --Either your physical setup is wrong
    --or the amount of time you energize is insufficient
    --or the starting water is two incoherent because of dissolved or solid chemicals

  • 3. I will measure your cell hydration on March 15. The goal is to raise your cell hydration above 30%.
    All contestants with cell hydration higher than 30 are eligible to win the prize.

What can you win?

You win two ways:

  • 1. You increase your cell hydration, your energy level, and increase your body's ability to perform and do life well.
  • 2. You can win a prize: $500 worth of my time or my products. Your choice. Pick and choose.

I will select the prize winner through random drawing.

I keep all your names private... including the winner's.