You want it effortlessly... Want thrilling, want pleasure, want abundance...

surviving the weekI read a lot of books. About 100 books a year. Cover to cover. I don't subscribe to Tai's reading method...

I left a 2000 book library when I left Hungary. that was 34 years ago.

Every book is an opportunity to shatter my view of the world. And many do. Sometimes not directly... sometimes through the effect the book has on other people.

This is what is happening with this book I am currently reading, The Upside of Your Dark Side. And previously with the book "Curious"

My view of others got turned upside down... sideways... OMG. Talk about upsetting my apple cart! lol.
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When you suddenly are in a turmoil... why do I say: Oh goodie, it's a good sign!?

henry-cavill-gifs-the-midsomer-murders-original_tdrlqsI am in a turmoil, right now. Have been for a few days... I think since Sunday night...

Some people use milder language. They say they are out of sorts... Same thing.

What happens when you go from a relative cease-fire, stand-still, contentment, to a state of "what is going on? Why do I feel so bad?"

Remember, the Selfish Gene is interested in ess... evolutionary stable strategy.
The Selfish Gene is what we could call Ego...
It is not interested in You.
It is interested in the ess... at your expense, if it must.

Doing the same thing... an unfulfilling life. Being unwell. Being dutiful. Working for a living. Wondering about. Being hooked whatever you are hooked on... all this and other ways, you can be in an unsatisfying ess.

Unsatisfying for the intrinsic Self. The Real You.
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Self-coaching demonstrated

what-coaching-is-notHm, it seems that "Source" or my inner guidance, or soul, or whatever is doing this guidance thing... is intent for me to have integrity: speak from experiential truth.

So it seems from the few "trips" it's been sending me.

    1. In the area of health, it is telling me to make dietary mistakes... so I can be authentic in saying things to my clients and students that are doing things that hurt them.As soon as I get what I was supposed to get... I am taken to the next "trip".

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Cognitive biases, blind spots, a sticky point and a "remedy"

center-of-the-universe-2011We are all born seeing ourselves as the center of the world. We don't know we are the center of our world... we just don't know there is any other vantage point to look from.

Most of us never learn it.

Like one of my students: every time I recommend anything, she answers: "I agree..."

She hasn't crossed that threshold, that divide between infant and even toddler... absolutely and completely ignorant to the fact that using the personal vantage point is ineffective, because it is delusional.

This is also true if and when you can see that other people see things differently from how you see them, but your view is accurate and theirs is inaccurate.

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All marketers are liars. The likely story... that likely happened but not really

all-marketers-are-liars-by-seth-godinI have been muscle testing, diligently, if the stories that sell products, courses, software, are facts or made-up likely stories.

A likely story is a lie.

We, marketers, are taught: facts tell, but stories sell.

And so every sales letter is one story of another.

I used to be a liar, because I didn't think life was interesting enough, so I embellished it. I was caught, and it didn't matter. I just kept making up interesting stories, mostly sob stories about myself.

I was selling myself... and because I didn't think I had anything to offer, I lied.
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Some stories make you cry... because you identify with a person in the story.

make-you-cryOther stories, like this one, make me cry from two sides...

If you found that you stopped growing beyond a certain age... please cry with me... It may flush away the blockage, and allow you to catch up. Then, maybe, cry for Mrs. Thompson... I cried for me, and I cried for her. Because I had my "favorite and best teachers" of my own. And I have dropped the ball on some of my students...

As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard.
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When you decide to do something for yourself... to grow...

992c7c4d24d13d506d6c5fd87c3f536cBetween two chairs I find myself fallen and sitting on the floor

I don't know if you can recognize this situation, but my hunch is: you should.

Your attention is divided. Your intentions are divided. And NOTHING gets done.

It should be a daily concern... if it is not, you are probably in a rut.

What is a rut? A trench... you can either go forward or you can go backwards... Or stand still, hoping that it will give you a sense of being alive.

Whenever you add a new task, you have to go through this state: if you don't, then you didn't mean to add the task.
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Breaking into a new field... how to do it right... or wrong

breaking into a new careerSometimes we learned one profession but we want to change... and it is not that easy...

Here are two examples: one is my own, the other is a student of mine...

In the end I'll ask for your input... please be generous.

After I came to the USA, I worked as an architect for about 30 months.

First I scoured the help wanted ads, and went on an interview with a prestigious Midtown Manhattan firm. They were impressed with me, my experience, and hired me on the spot with a salary that was four, nearly five times higher than what I made in Israel.
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Telling the truth will set you free. The counter intuitive path to happiness

Some people won't adhere to a diet that would make them healthy.

Stupidity? Yes, stupidity on a very deep selfish gene level.

It's not that they don't understand the price they are paying.

It's that they make choices that the genes are making: not making waves, not bringing attention to themselves, not being different, fitting in is more important than being healthy, having energy, feeling good, calm, intelligent.

Almost everything "social" is gene directed. I say "almost" because I am humble. I don't know any social that is NOT gene directed, but there could be, maybe.

So what do the genes want?

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Dyslexia - the good news and the bad news...

steven-spielberg-dyslexiaUPDATE: I have some underachiever friends and students. I suspect that they may have dyslexia. It just occurred to me... after two excruciatingly difficult conversations in a row... where the partners in the conversation felt stuck, dense, and their level of comprehension is low.

Both are men, both are making a living in their own business, both shy away from learning anything new.

It is one of the worst things for me when I try to teach someone something that they need, and they nod and yes me to death, only to do the opposite or nothing.

Every human wants to make a difference, wants to matter, more than anything, and this flies in the face of that...

But maybe they are dyslexic. Hm.

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