What’s your purpose in life?

What’s your purpose in life?

I hear this question and derivations like “what’s my purpose in life?” “What was I meant to do with my life?” etc.

We, human beings, want to do the right thing. It feels that if we did that, then all ADD, all restlessness, all depression, all jumping-around and inconsistent behavior would disappear.

your purpose in lifeWe would joyfully do what we are meant to do, finish what we start, jump our of bed with eagerness, right?

Only if we just could find the one thing we are supposed to do. Be certain, stop doubting ourselves, settle down…

Now, though this is almost the truth, it is not the whole truth, and there is also a lie hidden in its midst.

What? you ask, shocked. You are pulling the rug from under my feet! I thought that the moment I find out… life will be bliss.

Yes, yes, and no.

All happiness, all fulfillment, all contentment comes from the invisible domain of reality, and that reality is interested in you being happy, and fulfilled, and content… but there needs to be one condition:

All your activity needs to fulfill your soul’s purpose as well.

And your soul is only interested in one thing.

The soul is interested in earning the light by becoming more and more like God.

What are the tools of the soul to accomplish that?

Drum roll, please: Overcoming its (your) egoic nature, even just a little bit, every day, every hour, every minute.1

michelangelo carved away everything that is not david. you need to carve away everything that is not the egoless youBut how do you do that? How is that compatible with finding my life’s purpose?

Honestly, the answer to that is quite simple:

Find something that you love to do whether you are paid or not.

Example: my friend Nancy loves connecting people. She loves talking to someone and see that they benefit by talking to X, and connects them. Alex is curious and loves talking to business people and finding out their business model. I love raising people’s vibration. I don’t even ask permission… l.o.l.

If you have the question “what’s my life’s purpose?” I can promise you you have at least one thing you love to do that involves other people. (Don’t forget, all money comes from other people, so what you do has to have value to other people!)

Now decide to do it in a big way. In a way that’s uncomfortable. Why? Because you want to fulfill the soul’s purpose as well.

When you try to do anything in a big way, your ego is protesting, or alternately, running the show.

You will have plenty of opportunity, minute-by-minute to transform your egoic nature, and you’ll live a fulfilling, satisfying life, because you do what you love to do, and you have the soul’s support.

Simple? Yes. Will you do it? We’ll see…

Next question: how will I recognize my egoic nature? Watch out for the next post…

PS: I found another Michelangelo quote: I saw an angel in the block of marble and I just chiseled ’til I set him free.

  1. We could say that the process is similar to how Michalangelo carved David out of the block of marble… he chipped away all that was not David []

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