The Wall, The Ladder, and Your Life’s Purpose: How do you get Guidance from The Soul?

guidance from the soulMany people walk around with an immense amount of knowledge. Yet, in their professional life, they jump from one thing to the other. They’re directionless because they zigzag. They go to this direction and then they go to that direction and they go in the third direction and then they return to the first one, and on and on it goes.

That’s how my life looked for years after I finished publishing the magazine and this is how my friend’s life looks.

He’s my chiropractor friend. He has a business, he’s a chiropractor. He has been a chiropractor for 23 years. He knows a lot about how to adjust people. He has added energy work and Ayurveda but his heart isn’t into it.

So he publishes a newsletter, he does self-improvement work, he volunteers, he follows a guru, he goes to India, he goes to ski, he does all kinds of things. He even recorded an audio-book for me,  but after all this doing, you can see, that he has no direction, he has no path.

He has a lot of knowledge, a lot of possibilities, but no direction, no ‘Guidance from The Soul.’ Just restlessness, and a sense that it’s all fun, and it’s all good, but it isn’t going anywhere.

Here is this little story that may shed some light to what’s missing for him, and what may be missing for you.

In this story the job is to put a ladder next to a wall and that is the job to do. The manager gets the workers put up the tall ladder and then they are working for instructions to what to do next. Except that they put up the ladder against the wrong wall. What happened?

The idea came to put up the ladder, but the wall wasn’t specified. It should have come, but there was no leader…

The leader is the person who decides on the specific wall. The manager is the middleman who makes the workers put up the ladder against the correct wall, and the workers are the people who do the work.

When we are talking about your life’s work, or your life purpose, your path: who is the leader, who is the manager, and who is the worker?

The What, The How, The Who of achievement: Guidance from The Soul

The “what” comes from the soul. He is the “leader.” You get guidance and direction from the soul.

The manager is your intellect. It has a double job.

1. He needs to get the direction from the soul (the leader), i.e. ask the correct questions and then listen to the answers, hear the answers

2. Ask how,

3. …and based on the answers, create a plan of action (The How)

4. Keep on asking the how? question and keep the communication open, so the plan can unfold through your actions, through other people’s actions, and through circumstances. Be flexible so the unity of leader, manager, worker, or soul, goal, role triad. In yet another language: the soul, the intellect, and the doer.

These three are going to get the right job done.

This means to you that

  1. you have to distinguish these three parts of yourself.
  2. You need to use your intellect as the initiator of finding your path.
  3. Train your intellect  to connect, to ask the right questions the right way, to  connect to the soul in a two-way fashion, and  hear the Guidance from The Soul.
  4. Once you get the what, your manager can create the first action step and a tentative plan.
  5. You need to take the action (body)
  6. Your manager needs to stay in communication so every step can cause the unfolding of the path.1

The Guidance From The Soul

For me, the guidance from the soul, the soul’s communications come in emails, in books, dreams, and in movies and lately, they come in conversations with my friend, Nancy. She says something that triggers a communication from the soul and then I get the communication. This means the answers do not come in any obvious way and everybody has a different mode of communication.

I hope that analogy about the wall and the ladder is going to give you some clarity on how to find out what’s your life’s purpose.

Once you know what is your purpose, you will not be wasting your time and life on projects that don’t serve that. I guarantee that.

Watch out for more posts on the questions, the attitude, and the mindset… you’ll need it if you want to get aligned with your soul’s purpose, and receive Guidance from The Soul.

  1. I saw an amazing movie last night, “Together” … clearly showing that the initial communication is not the whole path. Twists, turns, suspense… That is how Guidance from The Soul causes the path to unfold. []

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