Are There Some Hidden Blockages To Attaining The Good Life You Could Melt Away?

hidden blockagesAnother difficulty I see in accomplishing any meaningful purpose, including money goals, is that people’s vibration is blocked by beliefs, their own, their inherited beliefs, societal agreements, parental suggestions, that aren’t even spelled out anywhere.

One type of these hidden blockages is agreements that were never made.

This distinction was, for me, half of what I paid %2400 for, when I did the Landmark Partnership Program. It cleared up 50% of what kept me stuck, miserable, and a victim. So please pay attention and allow this distinction to make as much or more difference for you as it made for me. Without having to pay the $2400 and shuffle off to Los Angeles six times, and the expense. Please!?

My personal, tragic example is this: I had something bad happen to me at the age of 3 and a half.

When I got taken back to my mother, she turned away in disgust and said: “You are a whore.”

I didn’t know what whore meant, but I knew it was something bad. and I also knew it had something to do with money. I had heard that word in one context only: the daughter of the family that lived in the basement apartment, expensively dressed, thin, beautiful… aha… I am not supposed to be like that.

Result: I dress as if I didn’t have money. Even if I have some nice clothes, I don’t wear them. I am always on the verge of poverty.

Once I reviewed that “agreement” that never took place, I was free to renegotiate the agreement I made, one-sided, and have been sticking by it. I am planning to negotiate a raise of what I consider poverty, until I find out what is blocking my way from beingĀ  truly prosperous… I am excited and curious.

What does this mean to you? How do you find your own hidden blockages? How do you get unstuck?

Other agreements that I have distinguished that never happened: parents never promised to take care of you. They never promised that when you get in trouble, they will bail you out. They didn’t even agree to feed you or clothe you… They definitely did not agree that they will love you.

The world never agreed to be fair. The marketplace didn’t agree to buy the higher value product (that happens to be yours) or even to treat you fairly,

Most things that we assume were promised were never agreed to are hidden blockages… for the simple reason because they never came up, no one has ever requested them, so no one had to say yes or no.

Whether it is you that others think should deliver on the agreements you never made, or others, making agreements is a good thing, and unmaking agreements that either are assumed or should not have happened is your accountability if you want to live a life where there is more in the visible realm than in the hidden, murky world of assumptions, guilt, suppression, resentment, and uneasy feelings.

Once you take an inventory of the agreements and bring them from the assumed to the realm of reality, you will be able to move with a lot of ease and grace, in all areas of life, including your finances.

In other disciplines these agreements are called beliefs, but I see that this is a misnomer: you have no power in changing beliefs, but all the power in changing agreements.

I am working with a client on her hidden blockages: I’d love to share it with you when we are done blasting them away.

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