Would The Michelangelo Method Work For You With Your Money Blueprint?

money blueprintThe Michelangelo Method and your money blueprint

In a previous article I told you about the three-phase methodology of changing your money blueprint, that will allow you to make, keep, and enjoy more financial benefits than your money blueprint currently allows you to have.

The 3 steps were:

The first part of the process is to diagnose.
The second part of the process is to shift.
The third part of the process is to  create a new set-point.

What are not spoken of in the plan are the common actions we all do that backfire and make all our actions ineffective, and work against our best interest.

I dubbed this method the Michelangelo Method because it has its emphasis on removing these actions, thoughts, and beliefs, in one word the causes, that work against the masterpiece you were meant to be. By removing these active elements (the part of you that is not the masterpiece), you’ll be left with your masterpiece… just like Michelangelo was left with David after he chipped away everything that was not David.

I have been working with this following issue for a long-long time, and while I have observed a few ways you can sabotage yourself.

The main method is: you brag. (I’ll mention a few others in my other articles…)

Now, why would bragging sabotage you??

key to money blueprintThere are two reasons for that, both can neutralize or nullify your results you are bragging about:

1. The gatekeeper, called ego, subconscious, the opponent, whichever phrase you choose, hears your words when you brag, and then gets alerted that something extraordinary has happened. The gatekeeper’s job is to keep you the same, like a thermostat keeps the temperature the same, like a money blueprint keeps you on a fixed path. It considers its job to perpetuate the situation you are in, that is the only familiar it knows, and it doesn’t like to venture to any risky new area.

In one of my articles I am talking about the sudden rise in my net worth in 30 days after completing the Millionaire Mind Intensive course… the growth process stopped and reversed the moment I “innocently shared it” with a group of “friends.” I quickly returned to my money blueprint

2. The people you share with don’t want you to be better than them, and they activate, unconsciously, the energies of evil eye… an energy of looting, mooching… and you are not protected.

This is true in all areas of life. Money, love, even feeling good, looking pretty, they all activate the evil eye.

I have a friend who has a track record of activating the evil eye with me: once we didn’t talk for three years.

I have been wearing a Kabbalah string for about 6-7 years. The Kabbalah string is like a protective barrier against the evil eye.

One time we were on the phone and “I shared” how well things were going for me. As soon as I uttered the words I felt a prickly sensation on my wrist, and I then watched the brand new string fray and then snap and slide off my wrist in the next minute or two.

That same phenomenon repeated itself with my older brother (who is a self-made millionaire, by the way). I never shared anything about my life with him since then.

Last week I was bragging about my new level of consciousness to my friend… an hour or so later, when I measured it, it dropped to under 200, and was solidly there until last night, when I did all I know how to do to raise it back again.

It is not safe to “share” your good fortune. The movie of the zombies, that want to feed on you, comes to mind (I only saw the movie trailer, not my kind of movie) but it is a useful imagery to have.

Protect your masterpiece. It is outside of your money blueprint.

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