What Is The Technology to Change Your Future?

change your futureWhen you track your current path on the map you will notice that it has a trend. The exact way you can tell from a short section of rails the direction they are heading. If you tell the truth, where that path is heading is not where you want to go… So what is there to do to change your future?

Let’s use the map of the United States for the sake of the visuals among you.

tools to change your futureIf you want to build a railroad from where you are to let’s say Seattle, what are the important things you need to know?

  1. Where exactly are you?
  2. What is the terrain like between where you are and Seattle?
  3. What are the means that you can use to build your rail?

In our rail-building analogy you’ll find that the hardest to tell is where exactly you are. Having worked with thousands of people, 99% of them are deluded as far as their current location is concerned. This is the work of my clarity-workshops.

The second point is the main concern of the get-unstuck program: the terrain with its natural and self-made obstructions, prohibitions, beliefs and canyons. This is where I teach you how to change your future

The third is skill and capacity building… I will point you to the right programs to do that, and teach you how to make decisions for yourself that cut detours off your learning curve.

In this series of articles I will introduce techniques that change the “terrain” and remove the inner obstacles. Techniques that are “designed” to unstuck you from the fixed path you are on, so you can change direction and change your future.

Introduction to the get unstuck program: change your future

What got you stuck is the improper use of the mind.
What will unstuck you is learning how to use your mind correctly, to the end of more life to you and all.

The above is the premise of all my work. I don’t deviate from it, I don’t make it woowoo… it’s simple, and it takes learning how to use your mind.

Phases of getting unstuck:

1. finding the point of stuckedness. Just like with a ball of yarn, you can start anywhere.

distinction: ball of yarn vs. ball of wax

The main difference in the two kinds of obstructions is the amount of time and the amount of energy it takes to get unstuck.

Imagine a ball of was in the drainpipe of your bathtub. To get the water flawing again, you need to heat the whole ball of wax to its melting point… sounds like a huge undertaking? It is.

In life there are no ball of was issues. None.

All issues of life are more like a ball of yarn.

Imagine the same bathtub, the same drainpipe, but this time it is plugged in by a ball of yarn. The water isn’t flowing.

Now take a sharp pair of scissors and snip at the ball… anywhere, any depth… and keep on snipping. In a few minutes the ball will become cushy ad will start to allow through drops of water, then more, and in the end it get washed away by the water.

This is the nature of our issues, inner, or outer.

So what does this mean to your problems? Your issues that cause you to be stuck on a certain path that you don’t want? To change your future by changing your path?

It means that you can start anywhere and start snipping. Diligently. The issue will be washed away in no time.

Are there better places to start the snipping? Of course!

When you have more clarity, when you have more distinctions, details, when you are in the correct mindset which is the mindset of the observer, you always find the “linchpin” place to snip.

But don’t worry, diligence can make up for the lack of clarity and lack of distinctions. And you will be able to change your future with that.

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