The Core Belief of Failure – What is Yours?

core beliefThe Core Belief of Failure – What is Yours?

The seed level of failure – what is yours?

What is the difference between a failure, a never do well, an underachiever, a disappointment, and the “successful ones” Like Tony Robbins, like T. Harv Eker? Like Wayne Dyer?

Are they smarter? Some of them, but not all.

Are they better looking, harder working, better educated, better connected? Some of them, but not all.

Yet, they are successful… what is the difference? What is the difference, across the board, case after case, maybe in every case?

When you listen or read success literature, there are actually many differences, among them the 17 that Napoleon Hill documented in his book… But… Those are all on the manifestation level.

linchpinIn my experience, everything on the physical level, on the manifestation level, comes from a conglomerate of reasons, one of those is a linchpin reason. It’s called a linchpin reason because it holds it all together. Once you “pull” the linchpin, the whole construct comes apart.

According to Pam Ragland, a core belief that’s a linchpin can be the basis of as many as two million! negative thoughts… now, that’s a whopper! Once you pull the “plug” in minutes, you are 2 million negative thoughts lighter… wow. What will that do to your level of success?

In Kabbalah, they call this core belief the seed level. In other disciplines they do call it a core belief. It is on the subconscious (below the conscious) level, and you don’t know that you have it. You only see the effects. The core belief is the cause, the behavior, feelings, lack of motivation, etc. are the effect.

Once you manage to change a core belief, the whole visible area changes dramatically.

So what kinds of beliefs could be linchpins? I could say: any kind, but that won’t help you.

A relatively easy way to get in the neighborhood of a core belief is to do a question and answer with someone.

It is mandatory that you trust the person, especially because you have no idea what you are going to reveal… I myself was quite stunned at what was underneath it all!

Start with looking at what you’d like to accomplish that you have been failing at.

For many people that is getting paid handsomely for their work. Many people don’t… then they don’t work, as a result, and it snowballs into poverty. Some people just want to be able to accept gifts, prosperity, love, etc.

I give you here an example conversation: it could go in thousand different ways:

The first question: What would you like to accomplish that you haven’t been able to accomplish?

Answer: I haven’t been able to make more than 50K income, consistently. And I’d like to be able to make 6 times more than that.

Question: What would happen if you did make that money?

Answer: I guess I would feel that people only want to be with me because of my money.

Question: What would happen if people only wanted to be with you because of your money?

Answer: I would be alone, with no one to share my life with, I would feel unlovable and a pariah.

If you listen carefully, you can hear that the last answer is either the core belief, or darn close to it.

Most people will dance around the core belief, as if protecting it: when you start dancing around, you know that you are really close!

Unfortunately, no amount of visualization, no amount of affirmations, no amount of binaural beat, no amount of Landmark Forum, no amount of Kabbalah will change that core belief, but luckily there are two energy modalities that can do it, and can do it precisely, easily, and fast.

I use them and teach them both… watch out for my program on shifting core belief about money that keep you poor… I am working on the program and it will be ready really soon.

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