Is One healing modality more valid than others?

healing modalityIs There Any Healing Modality More Valid Than Others? Do any of them work better?

Though it seems that the healing modality that works for you is the only modality that would work for anyone, the truth is that the modality that works for you is the right healing modality for you and for people that have an affinity to the same modality.

What do I mean by that, and what the heck is healing modality anyway?

Modality, just like when we approach learning, or self expression, has a tendency to choose us: we don’t have much of a choice in them.

In learning we can be auditory, or visual, or kinesthetic: they are learning modalities.

In healing ailments, physical, emotional, psychic, intellectual, or even political: Some people heal with minerals, physical force, like cutting out bad stuff and the like. Most western doctors use that healing modality to what they consider curing. You can tell, that I don’t like them… lol. Revolutionaries, protesters, strikers use it for their purposes of forceful change. Incidentally, healing with stones, crystals, belongs to this healing modality.

That is the first modality, the modality of the physical, forceful, and non-organic.

The second healing modality is plants, and herbalists can do miracles with that modality. Vitamins are part of this. This modality is all about chemistry: you can track the worldview, can’t you?

The third healing modality is the modality of amino acids and other protein based substances. Genes, peptides, and other non-energy based intervention go here.

The fourth healing modality involves spirits, angels, etc. the fifth involves ascended masters (humans that were extraordinary like the Buddha or Jesus). I think this is also the modality of entities like Abraham, or Pam Ragland’s friends… opinionated, authoritative “beings”. Guardian spirits, spirit guides, and maybe shamanism is in this modality…

The sixth healing modality is seeing the truth that is invisible to the naked eye and using it for healing. Distinguishing. Landmark Education taps into that modality.

seventh healing modality: theta healingThe seventh modality, as in seventh heaven, is the highest modality accessible to humans, the level of Bina in Kabbalah, the level where instant healing happens at the speed of thought.

I haven’t been able to place visualization on any of these modalities, though it is probably fourth or fifth… I have no access to it. And what about acupuncture, reiki, and shamanism? Any suggestions?

Recently I get questions about theta healing mudras. Mudras are hand-positions, but theta healing is done without the hands, so there are no mudras. There are mudras in reiki, in the Healing Codes, in Omega Shakti System, but not in theta healing. sorry.

I have dabbled in many of these, actually in all of them except the spirit world…

Lately I have been able to access the seventh modality and have been able to cause instant healing, very exciting.

My tendency would be to dismiss all the “lower” levels, but they all have validity, if not for any other reason: they are the modality practiced by 98% of people that practice healing…

I need to watch wrongful pride and superiority as evil thought forms… They will keep me out of Seventh Heaven, if I don’t tame those beasts!

Darn, you can’t win… lol… healing modality seven to the rescue. Instantly.

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