Secret of Success – change your false belief

find your false belief

Your core belief is what keeps you sick, or fat, or miserable, or poor… but it is not easy to see your exact belief… A belief is a sentence… words… And without the exact sentence, you can’t release it

I have showed you a way or two in previous posts…

Another great way to suspect a core belief is the following?1

Let’s suppose that you love movies. You watch a movie. You are spellbound. You are somehow kept in awe, but when someone asks what about that movie that does that magical thing to you, you have no answer.

I have a few foreign movies that did that to me (American movies are largely unsuited for this purpose: they treat the viewer as imbecile)

One of those movies, a Spanish movie, called “Talk to her”

Very emotionally rich movie, very layered, morally, ethically, and emotionally.

I’ve been mesmerized. I have been spellbound. I have refused to talk about it.

I am breaking my silence because I saw something today that has everything to do with MY core belief:

In the movie the caretaker of a comatose patient (unconscious but alive) impregnates the patient.

He gets convicted and imprisoned.

I am all on his side… he loved this woman. He cared for this woman. His action actually re-ignites the consciousness in this woman… what is wrong. What is wrong?!!!

Then the thin little voice says: the woman had no choice about it. Then louder: The woman had no choice about it!

If you remember, my core belief was that I had no rights. The “act” is quite acceptable given that belief. Except that it is not the law of humankind: humankind has and governed by the law of free choice, or simply the law of choice. We all, without exception, have the right to say yes or no, but have the right to be asked.

Now the fact that society violates it left and right, does not eliminate the law.

As you can see, with my warped belief system violating this comatose woman’s right for choice was not wrong… and my being spell-bound, recalling the movie for the past 5-6 weeks every single day was a good indication that there was something in the movie that I could not get from the warped world I was living in.

I shifted that belief 3 days ago, and today I could see that the caretaker violated the patient’s right for choice, and no mitigating circumstance does not make him right. The fact that the woman can now live a full life isn’t an excuse for the caretaker.


So, here is what to do: if you can, or if you have the “talent” to be spellbound by a movie: ask people or think hard about the part that is amazing and you have no “access” to completely getting… it hides your core belief and that’s what’s blocking your understanding.

Your sense of right is off… and you just found your core belief.

  1. how you know that something is a belief you live by is that for you it is the truth! []

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