Success Loves Speed

Success Loves SpeedSuccess Loves Speed… why is that? what does that look like in real life?

I have a simple tale to share, and it will become clear:

I have liked this guy for quite some time. He sounded firm, no b.s., and he left a nice comment for my blog.

I asked for his skype contact and we spoke. He sounded like someone I should do a project with. He had skills I didn’t, research, finding joint venture partners, so we discussed what we could do together, and after some discussion we settled on creating a product together: he interviews me on how to measure your vibration, how to measure anything, and stuff like that. Piece of cake.

We started out, had 3 audios made, when time came for the fourth, he was away on a hockey tournament for his son. Then finally he came back. It took us a long time to remember what we had been doing. Then he took a week off to do his taxes.

By that time I had no interest in doing the interviews, I had moved on to other projects.

So yet another half-finished product is cluttering our hard drives.

I say, this story shows us why success loves speed.

You can see, it is not like there is an entity, called success, and he/she likes speed: when you don’t do things fast enough, your attention wonders and is looking for more interesting things to do.

It’s natural, it’s normal. The soul in us likes variety, likes adventure, likes excitement. Good or bad excitement, it doesn’t matter for the soul. And waiting isn’t exciting. Procrastinating isn’t exciting.

So, as a coach, what did I do with my friend? Good question. I suspected that there is a belief of powerlessness underneath his self-assured appearance, and in a conversation about what happened it came to the surface.

What will we do? Well, I’ll help him change his beliefs, and then create a new product, of course.

Success loves speed. And I like success.


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