What is Negativity?

negativityWhat is negativity?

Most of us seem to know what it is, we feel it, some in their guts, some in their heart, but feel it, especially when other people are negative. When it’s within us, we feel despair, anxiety, worry, we have a sense of dread, or we are sad, nervous, stressed, hyper, manic, depressed, or just listless. We get sick from it.

We do not recognize it as negativity on ourselves and that allows it to go rampant, unmanaged, something that happens to us and all we can do about it is complain, bear it, or take some pills.

In the normal course of events we don’t notice anything special tied to what we think or say, because we are so mired in negativity, it’s normal. Our life is lived in quiet (or not so quiet) desperation, and that’s that.

We are looking for a life-preserver (if we haven’t already given up,)… to pull us out of the morass we find ourselves in.

The negative thoughts we are swimming in, is getting deeper and our life-force is getting weaker.

OK, that is the picture, it is accurate as far as I can see from my recollection from thousands of clients’ experiences over the years.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is.

I know a few modalities that reduce the number of negative thoughts, some are more effective and efficient than others, they are affordable and I’ll write about them in another article, but before I do that, there is a warning: there is a drawback.

99% of your negative thoughts aren’t unrecognized by you as negativity.

But what is NEGATIVITY?

The answer may sound simple, and the truth is just as simple: negativity is something said, done, or felt that reduces aliveness, that reduces life, and increases death. There is no gray area: something is either life affirming or death affirming.

the dark sideA great philosopher, Robert Hartmann once said that the way to fight evil is to know evil intimately. The slogans that say: hold your face to the light and your life will be filled with light, or something rubbish like this is as far of the truth as it can be.

You can’t fight something that you don’t recognize. You can’t catch that which you can’t see.

So it is of great importance to learn all the ways of evil, all the ways of death, so you can abstain from it, so you can fight it inside and outside of you.

So let’s take a deeper look at what kind of internal or external speak is negative thinking:

1. hope. Hope is eternal, and hope is beautiful, and hope is better than depression, but that’s all it’s better than…

What needs to be there for someone to go to hope? Lack? It’s not good the way it is… it is better somewhere else than here… etc.

And are you reaching inside, into your own strength and power to change? No! You are reaching to some lucky circumstance to rescue you from your misery… eeeeeek!

When you say hope, you just started to dig your grave…

2. The following five expressions are 50-70% of what you say during a normal day:
having to
needing to
wanting to

Why is that negative? One major aspect of high vibration is being the cause of one’s actions. In a way, being inner driven.

When you say any of the above phrases, what is driving your actions is a want or a need, and not you. Who has the power? You or some circumstance? that is the question. When you use any of those expressions, you give away your power!

So how would you say what you intended to say that you don’t use the these phrases? For example, I have run out of underwear. Negativity would be: I have to do my laundry because I have run out of underwear… the improved version would be: I am doing my laundry probably tomorrow. That will get me clean underwear… not a big change, but vibrationally it is night and day. Your whole demeanor changes when you are running your life, not some reason.

Another example, for because: let’s say you are late. You arrive, and you say: I am late because blah blah blah… In that moment, you have an excuse, no responsibility, a loss of power, to the blah blah blah. Instead say: I am sorry I am late. Next time I’ll leave earlier to get here on time.

3. fix, change, improve, – these words, and their derivatives, while they seem to be positive words, they say in the unsaid (what is implied) that something was wrong. And what is in the air is that… wrong, wrong, wrong.

4. try… when you use the word try, what is clearly there is the lack of commitment. You either do something or you don’t. Try to eat breakfast… you’ll be hungry till lunch. There is no trying. This is another version of no responsibility, no causing your actions, no causing your life.

5. save for a rainy day… what do you get when you say that? Of course rainy days. bummer.
emergency funds? what do you get: emergency. Life gives you what you think about.

These are five major ways we lower our vibration, unwittingly, by hidden negative thinking. Blaming, complaining, justifying, gossiping, boasting, envy, jealousy, the faces of negativity are many.

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