Pathways To Gratitude – Acknowledge Source Is A Great Way To Get To Gratitude, And Gratitude Is The Activator Of The Law Of Attraction

acknowledge sourceThe purpose of this article is to introduce to you another way to access and activate the Law of Attraction: Acknowledge Source.

I am not talking about acknowledging the source of a quote… I am talking about acknowledging your source of power and knowledge… the kind of source that requires you to look, recognize and value. It is a purely mindset phenomenon, and a spiritual and life altering distinction.

In this article I will write about the importance to practice your new skills and new mindset, and to acknowledge source.

Practice driving your new vehicle

You know that the purpose of my life is to cause the evolution of humanity for the next 1,000 years.

The evolution of the planet will happen by raising humanity’s vibrational frequency. At the moment the average vibration of a human being is 207 on the map of consciousness, but about 98% of humanity’s vibration is under 150. Mostly way under.

I have the technology to raise an individual’s vibration, but my personal goal is to raise 1,000 people’s vibration to over 300, and I am 63 years old. What I am working on is to do this process, partially, in large groups, otherwise I won’t be able to meet my goal.

I am working on a piece of the training, where my clients can learn and practice living the new, higher vibration themselves; without this step most people revert to their old habits, and the old mindset will follow soon after.1

The lower the person’s starting vibration, the less willing they are going to be to practice.

The question is: why would these people not practice? The answer is intriguingly: ego. Most people have a vested interest in feeling smart and capable, especially if they have a doubt about their capabilities. They don’t believe that they can be really smart, really powerful, really free, really rich… any of it. So they are going to start working against you and their evolution. I know this doesn’t make sense… but it does from the ego’s perspective. The ego is not logical. It is only interested in perpetuating how it has been, and isn’t interested in evolution, growth, transformation, though it is very willing to give lip-service to it.

People have paid tens of thousands of dollars to transformational teachers, only to find themselves with brain-candy and no transformation. The cause? Ego.


acknowledge source and appreciationAcknowledge Source: how do you do that?

I have said before, and I will say it, again and again: the largest part of what you read here is coming only through me but the source of it is the All-of-It; there you have it, this is how acknowledge source sounds like.

Many people that I’ve dealt with, never acknowledge source, they think that it is not necessary. They say: the person that is listening to me will not want to hear from me, if I tell them what the source of the knowledge was.

Why am I dealing with this, and why now?

An integral part of our evolution is to acknowledge source. In my programs: acknowledge the Creator, The Source, because ultimately all comes from there. And maybe, if they want to, acknowledge my assistance, but that is not mandatory.

What is the reason that it is important to acknowledge source?

Anyone that is not acknowledged will stop giving more. Like a spouse whose support is not valued and acknowledged will stop supporting you… In the language of the All that is, lack of acknowledgment and gratitude means: I don’t want more.

This phenomenon can also explained with the Law of Attraction: your vibration becomes a match to what you want by acknowledging its source: where it already is, the All-of-it.

The Law of Attraction says: appreciate what you want as if you already have it. Is this pretending? Yes and no. Yes, in the all-of-it you do have it already. To appreciate it there, you need to acknowledge All-of-it as the source, and the Ego doesn’t like that.

How do you acknowledge source?

To acknowledge source you first need to acknowledge that you got something of value. That leads to appreciation and that leads you to gratitude.

Gratitude is your key to get into vibrational harmony with what you want.

Acknowledge Source.

  1. I have been able to do this one-on-one, but if I am limited to one-on-one sessions, I will never train a thousand people, will I? []

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