Are you living to survive or are you in a quest for a life worth living? Who are your guides?

Stalin should have learned from his cat alter-ego guidesAre you living to survive or are you in a quest for a life worth living? Who are your guides?

This article is about guidance. Not about how you find it, but who to listen to. How to pick your guides… Who to listent to, what to listen to.

What gives you your life depends more on the people you listen to than anything else.

If you want to find out where your life is heading, look closely at the different aspects of your closest guides, TV, gurus, emails, books, movies, friends, co-workers (gossip) and make a note how they live in the main areas of life: fulfillment (vocation), health (physical, mental and spiritual), connections (relationships), and being rewarded and valued (finances).

Your life’s trajectory (that means trend, or direction) is going to be a weighted average of these guides’ life trajectory… More time with the news… the lower it all goes in all areas. More time with high vibration people, the higher it goes, at least in the areas where they are highly vibrating. The more materialistic and forceful your guides, the more forceful, stressful, and the less satisfying your life will become.

This article was inspired by two things: my recent paradigm-jumping experiences (read the post from two days ago) and my horoscope for this week. The horoscope from is an amazing work of art, you’ll see.1

In the paradigm-jumping experience my guides were successful alter-egos of mine. In the horoscope my guides are the most inspired horoscopes man can conceive.

In my daily work my guides are not spirit guides, like so many people in the healing profession. My guide is the Source, The One, The All-of-it…

Here is this week’s horoscope for Virgo (I was born on September 4. which makes me a Virgo)

“You’ve arrived at a phase in your cycle when you’ll have the opportunity to scope out new competitors, inspirational rivals, and allies who challenge you to grow. Choose wisely! Keep in mind that you will be giving them a lot of power to shape you; they will be conditioning your thoughts about yourself and about the goals you regard as worthy of your passions. If you pick people of low character or weak values, they’ll bring you down. If you opt for hard workers with high ideals, they’ll raise you up. ”

So, what’s the issue? Most of us want what we want, and don’t want what we don’t want, and don’t give a lot of thought to how we are going to attain our wants, at least not from the point of view if the way or road to our goals makes our lives worthy of living or not.

Let’s look at a few examples. These people are actual people, no made-up examples here…

effortless abundanceExample 1. Real estate professional, works day and night, socializes for the sole reason of creating connections.

Every question, every thought has the same agenda, getting more business and getting more connections.

Example 2. Network marketing representative: I could say that same story, different field as the real estate professional

Example 3. Chiropractor: Everything he does and says makes the patient think that without him they are doomed. That he is the only person who knows how to find the perfect supplement, who knows what their body needs.

Example 4. Life purpose coach and seminar leader: She participates in many courses and even has two mentors that train her. She is getting up there with occasional 6-figure months. She is quiet, contemplating, unassuming. If you knew her well, you may think that she is an underachiever. But when you have a chance to look into her eyes, you are stunned and captivated by the inner silence and peace you see there.

Hopefully you can see that examples 1-3 are trying real hard, pushing instead of attracting, and life is probably really stressful for them. Their accomplishment is purely material, no higher level satisfaction, peace of mind, and fulfillment seems to be mattering at this point.

Example #4 is the polar opposite: my coach friend has peace of mind and a sense that she and her life make a difference. Purely attraction.

pick guides that have been there, held onto it, and are fulfilled, happy and peacefulBut beyond the obvious, the biggest difference between those two groups is probably the type of guides, trainers, mentors and their mindset.

People can’t effectively teach what they don’t practice, so before you engage a trainer (even if it’s an online product you buy) research the person if you want to live a life like theirs, if you want to be like them, and buy their course, coaching, or product only if the answer is yes, if they live a big enough life, a life worth living.

Pick your guides mindfully!

  1. Just an aside: one of the amazing moments of this week was my immersion in the lake of the waterlily, and I just noticed that the picture next to my horoscope has those huge leaves of the waterlily with MY lake! How is that for amazing? []

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