The Anatomy Of Guidance: Ask For Guidance And Get The Guidance. Bagdad Cafe

spiritual guidance not liquor guidanceGuidance: How to Ask And Get Guidance

I have been asking for guidance, ever since I discovered that I can.

According to Kabbalah, an 6000-year body of knowledge, the mistake I need to correct in this lifetime is thinking and behaving like there is nothing and no one who can know better than me.

My life had been, before my discovery, an exact match to that behavior, not very attractive, is it?

I had never asked for guidance, never listened to coaching, never supposed that anyone knew me, or my life better than myself.

In spite of the fact that I had paid out over 100K for counseling and coaching over the years. Most of those sessions were me talking, listening to myself, and making a decision, without any help from the other person. The incidents when I actually heard what they said ware so rare, that I actually remember the three occasions that it happened. I was that bad. And the advice I took was invaluable.

So contrast it with how it is today: I ask for guidance just about everything. My diet, my business, my relationships, where to move to when my lease is up, everything.

I have established a few true and tried channels of communication with The Ultimate Guide, but my main channel is movies.

bagdad cafe the movieThe last guidance movie was The Bagdad Cafe.

I almost sent it back. It resonated under 150 on the map of consciousness, why on earth did I order it? But when I asked if I should watch it, the answer was a strong yes.

OK. I watched it. And let me tell you, the story was weird. The characters… anyway. It is a lot more fun to watch a movie and be able to be “multitask” by also looking for clues where the guidance is I asked for.

There were two main characters, one kind of like a character like Mary Poppins, drops down from nowhere, cleans up and life is juicy and wonderful with her. I could not identify with her: she was cheerful, indomitable spirit, tireless, fun, kind to all, and sexy. Nah, there can be no guidance there… I thought.

The other character was a depressed, unmotivated, “I don’t care” type of person, who felt powerless and blamed her inadequacies on others. Despicable, right?

The first woman left, and the place fell back to how it was before, no customers, no fun, no life.

Where is the guidance? I asked for guidance… Where was it?

Fast forward to this morning. I was sitting by my computer, I put on a pound yesterday (I broke my diet) and felt I ask for guidance about that.

I went to my guidance spot (the guidance comes fast and furious there) and went up to The Creator and asked for guidance. And the scenes of the movie started to play. back and forth. The clean premises, the littered premises. The clean premises with plenty of customers. The littered premises with no one in the parking lot.

Now, where is the guidance for my diet? You might ask, that is what you asked for guidance for, right? But it seems, that you get guidance for what you need guidance for.

from trash heap to thriving the bagdad cafe storyWhen I opened my eyes, in the room where I do client sessions, is where my guidance spot is. I opened my eyes and I saw suddenly what clients see. Stuff, old and unused, on the shelves, in disarray, no rhyme and purpose, dusty.

The guidance was: throw away, clean up, create a “receiving dock” spotless and inviting. Like in the movie. Wow.

I have started the clean-up. I am sure my diet will take care of itself.

And will continue to ask for guidance on how to do this cleanup, exactly.

And when I’ll need guidance about that, it will come, fast and furious.

Bagdad Cafe’s theme song on youtube

here is an Italian/German speaking clip, but you’ll see the two main characters, and the state of the Bagdad Cafe… Watch it

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