What is the vibrational frequency of money?

vibrational frequency of moneyIt is my habit to check how people get to my website. What information they searched for.
I have been seeing a lot of people searching for

the vibrational frequency of money

Interesting question, but more importantly, it is interesting to speculate what people were really asking.1

So I spent a few days pondering this question: what kind of people were asking this question, and what were they really interested in.

You see, the question is a great question... if I, or someone like me asks it.

For the past 63 years I have been a "contributor" to many people, many charities, organization, both time and money. I am going to stop now. I am going to keep my money, my efforts, my brilliance for myself, and will only trade them for equal value (to me.)

WTF, you ask. Let me explain. Continue reading "What is the vibrational frequency of money?"

  1. by the way, the question people ask is grammatically incorrect, they ask: what are the vibrational frequencies of money... this would be only correct if it was a from x hZ to y Hz bracket... but as you'll see, money itself does not have vibrational frequency, your intentions do, the product you spend it on does, how you made it does, but not the money []