What prevents you from getting ahead in life? Part 1


This series of articles are exploring the hidden aspects of what holds you back from growing, from moving, from raising your vibration, from transformation, from living a life consistent with your abilities

When we look at your life, we see that there is a gap between what you are capable of, and what you are accomplishing. Especially in the areas of quality of life, accomplishment, and self-expression.

In my inquiry of what may hold you back, reason number one seems to be: you are concerned with loss... It fills you with anxiety and anguish. What are you afraid to lose? Anything and everything.
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Abundance Or Scarcity? Choose

water doesn't exist for the fishOften anything can kick you into the horizontal plane1 . I got kicked into it... and now I am working my way off... it is not that easy. I can't even connect to muscle test... the horizontal plane is sticky. It wants you, all of you. I eats your life for breakfast.

Let me explain: Humanity (you!) lives on the horizontal plane at this stage of evolution. It is both the starting point and the end state...

On the horizontal plane everything is about comparison. More, better, different...

The good old days...
I want what they have, because I don't have it... and I want it.
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  1. The term, horizontal plane, was coined by Wallace D. Wattles some 110 years ago, in The Science of Getting Rich. Of course the title is all horizontal plane, but the book, between the covers, is pure gold. You can download it on my subscriber gifts site https://www.yourvibration.com/subscribers if you don't have it. You need to register, and it will put you on my mailing list. []

Growing, transformation, hitting a wall, being or getting stuck

HitTheWallI am in a state that can be compared to the cocoon1 state. I intend to emerge on the other side as a butterfly.

Wasn't I a butterfly before? Who knows. But humans don't live a day or two, like butterflies, and they have more stages than butterflies.

When you grow (if you grow) spiritually your growth pattern is much like...
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  1. co·coon
    noun: cocoon; plural noun: cocoons
    a silky case spun by the larvae of many insects for protection in the pupal stage.
    a covering that prevents the corrosion of metal equipment.
    something that envelops or surrounds, especially in a protective or comforting way.
    "the cocoon of her kimono"

    verb: cocoon; 3rd person present: cocoons; past tense: cocooned; past participle: cocooned; gerund or present participle: cocooning
    envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way.
    "we began to feel cold even though we were cocooned in our sleeping bags"
    synonyms: wrap, swathe, swaddle, muffle, cloak, enfold, envelop, cover, fold []

How to Improve Your Perspective? Perspective Series Part 2

changing_lanes1Imagine yourself driving down the road and you want to change lanes to the right. You look in the rear view mirror and you look in your side mirrors to make sure there are no cars. Yet there is a blind spot and you aren't 100% sure it's safe to move over. So you lean a bit forward – you lean a little to the right and it looks good. You check out the lane next to you from both angles. Then, signal flashing you speed up and start to steer right and just as you do – HONK!!!!

There, in your blind spot, is a car that you were about to roll right into. WHEW!

Heart racing you slow down a bit, steer back to your lane and let the car pass. Then going through the check again – check the mirrors, lean forward, lean to the right, This Time throwing a glance over your shoulder and when you are certain you've seen the road clearly, you switch lanes so you can arrive at your destination.

WHAT IF – you are going through your life and not seeing all the perspectives? What if?

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Change your perspective and get unstuck. Perspective Series Part 1

perspectiveWhat does perspective have to do with it?

Even though we intellectually know that perspective matters, we, unconsciously, have the tendency to look at things the same way, every time we look at them. Result: we see them the same way.

Examples: your neighborhood... you look at it from the car. You live there. The neighbors are annoying, or nice... the potholes in the road, the trees, the lawns. All familiar, all nice or boring, depending on your opinion of them.
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3 Techniques to expand the limited view through which you experience life

transformAs I have said before, your experience of life is limited, narrow, and quite defined by your culture, family, upbringing, education, and early experiences.

As long as your view of life stays the same, life will stay the same, or worse: it is a downward spiral.

So it makes sense to explore and employ methods that can expand your view of life and thus allow for a life that can go in a different direction, instead of the downward spiral.
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