We all walk around with veils in front of our eyes.


Warning: this article is a little sloppy... in time I'll clean it up. I just wanted to get it out. Enjoy.

We tend to see the same thing over and over. It is called: already always listening. Or sometimes it is called "a seeming". And yet other times it is called prejudice.

Whether it is there or not doesn't depend on your vibration. What depends on your vibration is what you are going to do about this information.

But your results in life depend on that... so ultimately, it is true, that the quality of your life will depend on your vibration.

How? Where? Why?

It is slightly different for every person, but we could say that your fixed way of seeing the world is responsible for 90% of what's in your life. 10% is out of your control.

Where? In money. In relationships. In health. In spirituality. Everywhere.

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You cannot catch what you don't see and the great white tiger

white tigerYou can't catch what you don't see; do you keep them sacred like a great white tiger?

I was wondering what I should write about today.
I have half a dozen half written posts, but what should I write about today?
Then, as I was doing some energy work on myself, it came to me.

I have a young friend, he is about 4. He is my chiropractor's son, he lives in Baltimore with his mother, but for about a week every month he is in Syracuse, and I always make it a point to spend a few hours with him.

Today was the day, and we were playing, and singing, and laughing. He goes to school, and he had learned a lot of new songs, so he was singing a lot today. One of the songs was "You can't catch what you don't see"

That is what I want to talk to you about today. That you want to see what you don't see. Continue reading "You cannot catch what you don't see and the great white tiger"