What is YOUR Dark Side?

What is YOUR Dark Side?What is YOUR Dark Side?

Mine is, definitely, feeling like the only one who can be trusted. If I cannot be the only one... I am not even interested. Messiah complex... lol. Very funny.

What I need for this Dark Side to prevail is people who are not able, not willing to rise to the occasion... in spite of all my efforts.

I spent last week in that space... I am the only one, bah-bah-bah, sob-sob, hate-hate.

I was watching it with curiosity, not with resistance, and it left. On its own. It could not survive observation, it could not hide because of curiosity.

This is true for anything from the Dark Side... it can thrive, run your life, only if it is not observed with sober eyes. Or amused... Instead, it is resisted, it shouldn't be, etc.

As long as you can't find yours, you are still either completely unaware, or are in denial about it.
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