Wanting makes you vulnerable

Make a list of areas where wanting, your wanting dominates the situation. Where you are in the situation purely or mostly because you want something.

What can you want? What do you want? How to find it? Look for where you want



I think I have finally hit the magic button. I am starting to drop weight without trying

I wrote this article four years ago.

I re-read it. Since then my weight dropped to 122 lbs, and I can be considered thin. And most of the things I swear by in this article are no longer true.

The truth value of this article is 10%… meaning: 90% is not true.

Since I wrote this I have learned a lot. So what is not true? beef. Grass fed means that in the last month of the cow’s life they turn off the grain… Not enough to clean the cow up…

Butter: turns out that there are two kinds of cows: the original cow and the enhanced cow, enhanced for milk production. The original cow is only in a handful of countries, France, India, and if I remember correctly, Iceland or Greenland… the skinny looking cows…

The cows that give a lot of milk are killer cows. Their milk will rot your teeth, make you fat, give you heart disease, childhood diabetes.

In nature, seniority doesn’t earn you anything

In workplaces people earn extra money etc. because they have been there longer than others.

In nature, seniority doesn’t earn you anything. Seniority is a socialistic, communistic notion where what you do, how well you do it, how much you do, does not matter. A sure way to create generations of people who don’t know how to produce, don’t grow, but feel entitled, and in effect they are freeloaders.

Then add the welfare system, the food stamps, the current trend of chanting: take care of the disadvantaged, and we end up with a society where it’s not worth to be good, to be a producer, to work even.

And we end up with a humanity that is steeply declining.

There is another phenomenon, the squeaky wheel: the ones that make the most noise, are the most demanding, that get the attention.


The levels of self awareness… and your financial and relationship troubles Part 2.

Yesterday I had a marathon call with a student. It went almost three hours.

She paid for 15 minutes… and we only ended it after almost three hours, because she needed to use the bathroom and walk the dog… I was still ready to continue.
What made we want to talk to her this long?
The answer is obvious to me, but maybe not that obvious to you, so let me explain.

In every conversation you have the opportunity to observe yourself, and catch yourself in some machine-like reaction. Every time it’s a gift.


The real problem… see if you recognize yourself

From the questions you ask, I am starting to understand what is your current world-view, self-view:

You think you are, using car analogy, a Kia or a Saturn or some other cheap car, and you want to be a Ferrari.

What if you are a Ferrari and you drive yourself as if you were a Kia?


So I am reading ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’

The package, big like a tomb stone, arrived this week. I wish they had it on Kindle… but I guess they want to control every step of the sales process. Hm. Interesting. It tells me everything I ever wanted to know about Andy and his team… NOT customer centric. All about themselves. All about money.
Andy’s vibration is 130… even thought the truth value of the book is 10%.
The package is two books, both big and thick. The first: Creating a bug free mind, and the second: using a bug free mind. Ultimately the idea of this two step process that made me use Andy Shaw’s book as an experiment: everyone stops at teaching, no one seems to continue into the troubles of actually teaching you how to use, and guiding you in using what they taught.


Turn your face to the light… avoid the darkness, avoid the shadow

I didn’t put this quote first, because I agree with it. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. All the light that is coming to you is lurking in the shadow, just waiting for you to find it… but, human nature, knee jerk reactions rob you of your birth right… And you end up living an empty life with no light… Ooops… This is what this article is designed to remedy.

Thank you for your concern all of you that were too afraid to send me an email, a message, good energies, your good wishes.


Gossip and the two wolves: good and evil.

What is choice, really? Do you ever choose? Probably not.

Choice: Selecting freely, AFTER consideration

I think, at some point in our lives we decide whether we want to be good or bad.

I decided twice. The first time I decided that somebody had to pay for my misery… and the only way to have them pay, whether they were guilty or not, is to be bad.

Then, when I learned the art and power of taking responsibility, of pulling the power to myself, I made a new decision, I decided to be on the side of good.


You asked for your vibrational reading. You don’t agree…

You asked for your vibrational reading. You got it. You don’t agree… Here is a public answer
I measured someone’s vibration, re-measured 3 times. It was consistently 100.

We emailed back and forth, this is the last email that came, this morning:
Hello Sophie,
My last message to you was a kind of joke, I must apologize and thank you for your reply. The reason for my writing is to let you know for the final time that you are wrong. My vibration is somewhere around 350, not 100.
Your ‘measurement’ threw me off and brought me down! I was left to ponder and bounce this around my head for too long, (nearly 2 days) before it was finally undeniable that it was not the truth. I am now just left to wonder how often you make such mistakes. People that come to you for help may be vulnerable and I urge you to take caution. I believe that you think you are 100% (maybe just 99%) correct so I will not go into the $ side of this.
The main purpose of this email is to simply urge you to please go and check yourself. Healers are sometimes among the 1st to need healing. I do not personally want anything from you, or expect that you do, this is simply a plea.
Be well,
Thank you, you taught me a big lesson.
I am glad to share this email with everyone, and answer it publicly. This article is to clarify and explain what is the issue between the email writer and myself… And potentially between what you ask for and what you get.

This article may leave you disturbed, confused. Just hang in there.
Let’s go deep first… below the water level of the iceberg, OK? Language…
First off: my muscle test answers the question I ask. You may have asked a different question, meant a different question, had a different question in mind, but I will take it you asked the same question I will ask ‘Source’ in the muscle test, and therein lies the problem.
Language is both a tool of communication and a tool of deception. Intentional or unintentional
The way we speak it, the listener can only assume that they know what you said. In classes it takes me several minutes to succeed in making the speaker re-word what they said so it is clear and has only on meaning.

You don’t know what you say doesn’t mean anything. You think you are communicating.

And you don’t know what you hear doesn’t mean anything… you think you heard what you think you heard.

The language is a relational associative tool, everything is connected to everything in it… and that is both its strength and its pitfall.

Reality, collective hunch at best… but is that true through and through? What does language have to do with it?
In the Playground we learn and practice a kind of speaking that reduces every utterance to what’s real, what is not associative, not relational, not meaning, not interpretation, not concept, not generality, but real.

Because none of those (concept, generalities, etc.) can be real. If everyone has a different meaning for those, they are not real… real

Evolution, social genes, and brain plasticity

Your social genes haven’t changed in the past 200,000 years. They are still the same as when humans were hunter gatherers, the stone age. Social genes are the genes that define behavior.

Where do we see this? Hunter-gatherers were not adventurous. They didn’t go hunting again, until they had to. They preferred to share, to be nice to each other, that way they didn’t have to risk confrontation. This lived in clans, hunted in clans, and followed the leaders.

They judged everything by their first impression of it, or by prejudice: they didn’t experiment, didn’t stop to think, didn’t give second chances. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be accepted as sheep.

And yet, this bunch of scared followers now live in cities, drive cars, study at universities.