A second look at the glass ceilings… or what I saw today at the skill finding workshop

My takeaways from session One of my skill workshop
Some of my students are struggling to make real headway in the world, because they haven’t been able to see where their abilities could make them a success.

Although I haven’t lead the “What color is your parachute” skill finder workshop in years, I decided to gift them with a really low priced opportunity to do that workshop live with me.

I didn’t know what to expect. What I got is so much different, and so much more than what I thought could come out of that workshop… at least from the first session.
Insight #1: I got a whole new insight about IQ.


Spiritual Laws that you obey or disobey at the expense of your vibration: The Law of Flexibility

Ask anyone; the happiest moments of one’s life are the moment when we find ourselves in our vertical self… or at least centered and grounded in the bottom of it.

It doesn’t happen a lot, because we are brought up and encouraged to live in our horizontal being.


Yesterday I had a day of rude awakening to glass ceilings we have

Yesterday I did some teaching with some people and the stuff didn’t go through. I am at a point where I am questioning if anything can be taught, if any change can be accomplished, if the current humanity is even able to go to the next level of evolution.


Knowing will not make your life smooth sailing… not that kind of knowing

I am moving this article to the front… because it goes so well with the bugfree series…

This article may be a bit upsetting… but hey, I am known for rocking the boat… Being a trouble-maker. Have always been…
Can you identify with this scenario?

Something bothers you. Something hits you the wrong way.

You sit and you say: “I know I shouldn’t be upset about this. I know it is not cool. I even know that it is my issue, but I am still bothered.”

And you are bothered, and you are bothered.


I have created a separate blog for Andy Shaw’s A Bug Free Mind

To answer the question in the title: I am not sure. I am guided…

In addition, a site where you can find all the “mind bugs” as Andy Shaw calls them, can be really useful.

My Playground program is the program where most of these “mind bugs” get driven up, but unless I write, in an organized fashion, our findings, it will be lost for humanity… and given the direction humanity is heading, that is really bad news.

By the way, I have been offering my special bonus for people who buy the Bug Free program through my link: a free month in my Playground program. It is a $40 program, and you can take it any time, just send me your receipt from Andy, and tell me when you want your month.

My experience has been, that removing even just one bug makes a huge difference, but removing 3-5 starts creating some elbow room for real change.


Review: Is Andy Shaw’s book, A Bug Free Mind a fraud? Will you get successful reading it?

The original post was written BEFORE I got my copy of The Bug Free Mind book from Andy Shaw. This is the actual review:

I knew it was worth reading, (muscle tested it, of course) but I had no idea why. The truth value sounds like not enough, but compared to others’ truth value, it is at least twice, and what may be even more important: it talks about things, it makes you think about things that no one else does… except me.


You Suck. And it sucks. But unless you are willing to…

I wrote this email 12 years ago… It is a great reminder for me, and it is quite apropos for you. Even though you may not be in marketing, you may not have a sales letter… but you have me, and I could be your Big Kahuna… So here is the email:
You Suck
Some people get lucky.

Most people I know want to avoid a situation where they can look bad. I know I do.

These are the ones that stagnate.

Then some of those people get lucky and get a mentor who pushes them… pushes them to be more, do more, have more…

Sounds good, right? Let me tell you, it sucks. It sucks big time.


Raising your vibration

What is vibration?As you can see, the word “vibration” needs to be explained if you want to be successful at raising your vibration.

If you want to raise how you feel right now, how other people view you, i.e. raise your vibes, then jumping around, pep-talk, like in the locker room of a football game, affirmations, laughing, is a good method.

It will increase your immediate performance, and if it was an effective method, you can sustain the higher vibes for about an hour or so.


Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!

Warning: this is a long article! don’t start to read it if you have short attention span.

Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!
Change is the only permanent thing in the Universe
But do you know that there are many kinds of changes, and some are more desirable than others?

This article is about the types of change you will encounter while doing the work to raise your vibration.


Raise your vibration the easy way, the transformational way

I just read an article that was re-published on 15 thousand sites! obviously, it resonated with people. The article’s title is “15 things you should give up to be happy”.

Now, I read the article, and I can promise you that it has never changed anyone’s life for the better.
Why? Because giving up is a head-on action, like fixing.
When you face the thing you “should” give up, you are supposed to give up to be happy, the thing is right across your face, occupying your whole mind.