What’s missing from Rapid Peace, the Power of Now, and other books…

Everybody and their sister is teaching you to be in the present moment, to surrender to the present moment.

I have observed people who loved it in Eckhart Tolle’s book, and now I am observing a famous marketer marketing an ebook on the same principle.


There is always a but, have you noticed?

Everything of this genre works for some people and doesn’t for most.

What is the difference between people, and how come the people teach it, don’t know the difference? Because they don’t…


What’s been happening here… at yourvibration.com

I have been too busy with my “other” tasks, removing attachments, and testing methods to rid myself and the world of parasitic mite infestation.

I am happy to report that the second type of mite, spider mite, has been turned into “has been”, for now at least. Finally, now that the pressure of nightly fear of going to sleep, the incessant itching, is lowered to a bearable level.

The weather has turned springlike, and today I noticed that it went by unnoticed, I only paid attention that now I have to wear less clothing. No thought of going for a walk, no thought of gratitude, just going through the days teeth gritted. Life felt like a chore, something to survive.

Today, when I woke up with no itch, no mites, I noticed the quality of the light, the color of the sky, and I felt a deep gratitude.


Do you allow yourself to be sad? On the first spring day?

I was feeling blue today. I opened the windows, and the noise from the outside was deafening… compared to the silence I have enjoyed all winter. I got a headache, I started to think of moving to someplace where it’s quiet… no grass mowers, no road repair, no people.

I felt the sadness. Grieving. My mind was digging up stories of sadness. One of my favorite book characters is sad, and is attracted to sad women… Henry Bosch.

Especially around a character, Cassie Black who later re-appears as Lena, if I remember correctly. Sad. Loss. Aloneness.


What is intelligence, really? And how does intelligence raise your vibration?

What is intelligence, really?

In Landmark Education there is a saying that most people don’t get, but is profound: Your actions are in a perfect dance with how the world occurs to you.

Now, it’s poetic and all that, because of the funky words, dance and occur, but it is probably the most profound thing anyone can say… and it took me about 15 years to get it.

Let me explain first those two words:


Osho vs. Andy Shaw

As you can tell, I read a lot of Osho. I read it for the good stuff, and tolerate it for the bad stuff.

I put down the book about 3 times per page, to muscle test his statements that sound so authoritative, but don’t sit well with me.

Osho’s personal vibration is 300, and the truth percentage of what he says is 7%. Not much, if you ask me. It is even less than the 10% of Andy Shaw’s book. People use this 10% to poopoo the book “Create the bug free mind” as if you could find a lot of things with a higher truth value: not so, and you’ll see in a minute why.



Profound article… please read and heed… What else can I say?

Question – Yesterday I heard that my friend had died. Yet as I wept, I found myself giving thanks for the sweetness of life. Is there a place for mourning?

Osho – If you have loved somebody, really loved, and you didn’t miss an opportunity to love, then there is no place for mourning because then there is no repentance. You never postpone anything, death cannot destroy anything. If you postpone, then death destroys. For example: you love somebody but you say,’I will love tomorrow,’ and that’s what you go on saying. You go on imagining tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, You go on postponing: you fight today, you will love tomorrow. You are angry here-now, you will love tomorrow. You go on postponing.

Then one day suddenly death comes, and it is always sudden. It gives no hint that it is coming. The foot sounds are never heard, the footsteps can never he guessed. It always comes suddenly, catches you unawares, and the friend is gone, the lover is gone, the beloved is gone; the mother, the father, the brother is gone. Then there is mourning because death destroys tomorrow, and you were depending on tomorrow. Now there will be no tomorrow. Now you cannot postpone, and the person is gone. Now you feel a deep repentance; out of that repentance mourning arises. You are not weeping for the friend who is gone, you are weeping for yourself, for the wasted opportunity.

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Have you ever noticed… what hope is doing to you?

You have your eyes on something. Something that is currently out of reach. It either take work, time, or money to get it. Time passes, you do the work, you get the money, you buy it… and then something totally unexpected happens: you don’t want it. You don’t want to use it…

Another version of the same thing, just in a different arena: you want a person to love you. You long for it. You court them. You buy them gifts, or do nice things to them. Then, when they say they love you and want you… the bottom falls out. You suddenly don’t want it.

But why would such a horrible thing be a daily occurrence?


Psychic and Spiritual Exploitation by Fake Gurus

This is a tremendous Osho talk… timeless, and distinguishes what gets you hooked on false gurus, what they use to hook you… Pay attention: it is not easy to get that you are the cause, they are just opportunistic: you give them the opportunity to exploit you.

Once you become clear, once you move your whole self into your Witness position, you’ll be invulnerable, because you’ll have the clarity, and you’ll have accepted “the work” you need to do.

If you don’t have a ton of questions after reading this article, you are beyond hope… so please go someplace where you can be exploited: that is what you are looking for. Harsh? Yeah.

One more thing: I never talk about shaktipat because I have never experienced it. I never talk about shaktipat because I have never known a person who actually received energy, I have only talked to guys that have a vivid imagination and a shitty life…

Osho on Psychic & Spiritual Exploitation by Fake Gurus

Question – Is Psychic Exploitation possible in the name of Shaktipat? How is it possible And how is the Meditator to guard against it?

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Update on the mites project

The mites project is whipping my ass…

I thought I would report to you on how the mites project is going.

If tonight is an indication of how I am doing: I haven’t gained any ground… I am itching, uninvited guests are swarming on me, and I feel absolutely powerless over it.

All hope is not lost yet… something I ordered is being sent, slowly, from Southern Florida… and I am just one hour south of the Canadian border… grrr.

Of course, I have hopes… And we shall see… I am not giving up, the alternative is killing myself. Imagining my life remaining like this makes it clear: I have to win at this.

also… Writing the report on fighting the mite epidemic has been murder…

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The fundamental error of human thinking: that things are fixable, that things need fixing…

If you look, at least half of your time is spent fixing or being part of a “fix”.

The problem with fixing is fundamental and it is against Life and it is against Nature. Fixing has the root in “something is wrong”… but in nature nothing is every wrong. It is what it is. Wrong, and an attitude, a perspective, a judgment, comes from humans.

Nature, Life, never fixes anything, it continues on what is, and it either will live or die. Or it restores… but not fixes…

Nature, Life, doesn’t care. Caring is a human error.

Every solution to a problem creates a larger problem.