The truth… or how come all the sages haven’t made a difference?

Let me first define what I mean by ‘making a difference…’ because there is a lot of mischief about that in common language. Because it’s been a slogan. Because it has been a bromide for so long.

OK, explanation: if I am hired to design a system that reduces the carbon dioxide load… to turn around the Global Warming… I am asked to ‘make a difference’, i.e. to alter the future.

If I didn’t do that, but a lot of people are now arguing about it…
If I didn’t do that, but a few people in rich countries are using wind power and solar power… did I make a difference? No.


Why I haven’t written anything in two days…

I am getting emails worrying about my well-being…

Please don’t worry. It is quite normal to write when I have something to say, and not write when I don’t.

Often what there is to say is still incubating… after all, I never write from my mind, I never write what I already know, all my writing is an act of creation. And creation cannot be forced.


The pioneers are usually the ones with the arrows in their back…

Even the first follower can be in big trouble…

We think it’s courage that a pioneer needs, but I dare to differ. It is more like “I can take arrows front and back for something that is important to me”.

The core of it is the “something that is important to me”. That is the biggest lacking, because that is the seed of what looks like courage, or what looks like a “devil cares” attitude.


You are 3% Neanderthal… is that a good thing?


I find myself weeping, gripped with remorse… remorse the injustice 30,000 years ago… Remorse for the loss of brilliance, the loss of future that could have been.

Watch the documentary in the end, if you have time.

If you can weep, you have empathy. If you can’t… oh well…

First genocide of human beings occurred 30,000 years ago


Updated: Where do you find the character flaws to correct? Can you learn soul correction from a book? Cheap Closure Now…

¬†Where are you going to find the character flaws that you need to correct? Can you learn soul correction from a book? Cheap Closure Now…

Wow, I wrote this article three years ago. Not much has changed outside of me, but inside… it is a whole new world.

One big change, though: I now prefer to call these “character flaws” pretenses… but both phrases are accurate, just the mood is different. Pick the one you prefer… pick the one that mortifies you more… lol…

Because, after all, all growth happens in and with friction… Nothing happens when nothing hurts, nothing makes you sad, frustrated, angry, and this is why humanity hasn’t grown… in fact, humanity is growing backwards…


What will be your epitaph? What will be written on your tombstone?

If you had my life, I bet you would find it boring. I don’t have a television, I don’t read the newspaper, I don’t browse the web, I don’t go to teleseminars, I don’t chat with friends… except two.

I don’t do sports, I don’t go shopping, I don’t have dreams and aspirations, I don’t eat out, I don’t worry about my weight, about my health, about my neighbors.


News on the fight against the microscopic biting mites

Biting Mites… News.

A few things:

Most discovery comes through mistakes.

I had already known that butter causes the mite population explode, but… you know, sometimes you just have to make the same mistake twice.

So I made my green beans with butter: big mistake. That night I didn’t sleep much from all the itching and biting.

Continue reading on my biting mites blog


If you don’t want to buy the Bug Free Mind book, but want the benefits…

The hardest bad behavior, for me, to get rid of is blame… pointing fingers, feeling superior to others.

I can see bad behavior, but to identify with it, to map it on myself is difficult.

But, ultimately that is what the Bug Free Mind book does: bring into conscious awareness that which you can’t do when you are aware and conscious… The behaviors that are below you, the behaviors that harm others, the behaviors that harm you. It’s a path to self-knowledge, a crystallization of the self… which you need to raise your vibration.

So, I finished the Bug Free Mind book, the first book…


The key to attainment is…

There is a key to attainment, and it is quite counter to human nature.

The master-disciple relationship is based on it, and today, we can say, safely, there is no such thing.

Every person that has every attained… attained to the highest level a human can go, invented it for themselves… because you can’t find it anywhere, and no one can teach it to you.