Does your cheerfulness irritate someone? Enough to wish you dead? More on attachments…

The difference between cords and energetic attachment, psychic attachment is many.
Cords don’t grow roots, they stay where stay landed. They cause damage only by virtue of being there.

Energetic attachments, psychic attachments are “alive” and grow roots, coil around an organ, go from one organ to another.

They are designed to kill, or at least debilitate. They grow fast and siphon your life away.


What does the Unconditional Love Activator do? Will it make you love yourself?

It helps you to bring a kind and sober eye to what you see…
But it is you who needs to do the looking.
One tool to force you to do the looking is my articles. In almost every article asks you to look at yourself, and if you told the truth, if you looked, you would see something ugly about yourself. If not, then you are lying. Those of you that got stuck at a relatively low vibration, in spite of your participation, are unwilling to look. So you lie.

Vibrational Review: Jesus Christ

I get my ideas of whose vibration to measure from people who search for names on my site.

Lots of people search for “Jesus vibration”

How do I measure vibration?

Step 1: I connect to Source.
Step 2: I connect to the person or idea I want to measure.
Step 3: I say: more than 200 and muscle test…
Step 4: If it is more than 200, I say more than 210, more than 220, etc. and I muscle test until my fingers open signifying a no. If it is not more than 200, I go downward from 200, until my fingers open.


Voluntary slavery

Sometimes I see something, or read something, and it hooks me.

I weep about it, dream about it, ponder about it.

If I know what it is that is significant, or if I even know what it is that I saw, I write a blogpost about it. After all, unless it is shared, I have a sense that it sunk back into the undifferentiated nothingness… as if it never happened.

This is why I ask my students to share… so far no one has gotten it… the gift that it is.