Do you allow yourself to be sad? On the first spring day?

I was feeling blue today. I opened the windows, and the noise from the outside was deafening… compared to the silence I have enjoyed all winter. I got a headache, I started to think of moving to someplace where it’s quiet… no grass mowers, no road repair, no people.

I felt the sadness. Grieving. My mind was digging up stories of sadness. One of my favorite book characters is sad, and is attracted to sad women… Henry Bosch.

Especially around a character, Cassie Black who later re-appears as Lena, if I remember correctly. Sad. Loss. Aloneness.


Get your hopes up

Some people write so much better than me. Some people are so much more inspiring than me. But I don’t know anyone who is better than me in being committed to you becoming an Expanding Human Being… That commitment helps me cope with my deficiencies. I got my hopes up, and I have been living “at risk” and “on the hook” ever since… and I love almost every minute of it… And when I don’t… I get my hopes up again.

This article is by one of my favorite people, Roy Williams. Enjoy.

Get Your Hopes Up

I’m talking with a man about his happy future. There will be decisions to make and risks to take, but it’s a future that can definitely be his.

And then he says, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.”