What it takes to get ahead in life, what it takes to raise your vibration from where you are now

We must admit there are people who do LIFE better than we do, they get ahead, they live well, seem happy.

How do successful people do it? They have good judgment. But where do you get such good judgement from? Good judgment comes from bad experience. And the bad experience comes from pain. What you do with it will make all the difference, what is your attitude towards it, will make you win in life, or stuck in life.

Here is a famous story, an illustration:


Bedwetting… what is in common with schizophrenia… or how to drive someone crazy

All children are empathic. And all children must abandon empathy because of the pretense of their parents and care-givers.

Of course, some people are empaths… and they must learn suppression, avoidance, going unconscious for long periods of times if they want to remain sane.

Let me explain.

I grew up with two Holocaust survivor parents. They met in one of those camps where the Nazis collected the Jews before they transported them to a concentration camp.

Later my father impregnated my mother… and shortly after the boy was born, they got married.

My father was insensitive, and my mother didn’t love him. Then she got pregnant with me, and she put all her dislike of my father onto me.

According to some psychologists, I suffered from double bind: i.e. my mother’s feelings and behavior told two different stories. Impossible to reconcile, I went to the suppression route.


What is consciousness, really? Where is it?

I am here, waiting for the cable man to fix my internet. It’s been down since yesterday afternoon.

It is hard to remember what we did with our lives before the internet… for me it’s been 18 years. It is hard to figure out what I can do that does not involve the internet… Finally I settle on writing, editing, and such.

It’s 11:30 am. The repairman was scheduled to be here at 11. I am sitting here, uncharacteristically anxious, contemplating that the man won’t even show up, that he will lie, that I will have to be another day without the ability to work.

It’s excruciatingly painful. I am diligently making room for the bad feelings, including them, breathing normally. Then I have a suspicion: is this mine? I normally don’t get anxious: I take life as it comes.

Turns out I tuned into the repairman: it’s his anxiety. Hm.


Inspirational quotes that make you feel worthless… How Facebook screws you up

Someone gave me a framed poster some 20 years ago. I have hated it that long… Today it became useful.

Some of the inspirational quotes we read are not inspirational at all, until we get to a place that they are useful. Inspiration as a momentary good feeling is useless, or even harmful. In the comparison, the mind’s habitual activity, we always come out smelling bad.

Unless you can really use it to get yourself a new attitude, a new direction to move in, they are good on the surface, but destructive on the inside.

Why? Because it makes you feel even less apt, even less valuable, courageous, worthy, smart, confident, etc. than you were when you first looked at the quote.

This poster reads: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal”

Now, stop for a moment, close your eyes, and experience yourself, your emotions, your mind, reacting to the saying.