Can giving be evil?

What is desire to receive for the self alone?

I have a client who is a do-gooder. Actually I have quite a few like him. He volunteers in a nursing home, pays for people’s attachment removal, giving is never far from his mind.

So when I told him that his dominant belief that he needs to be a giver, a do-gooder, and after I pulled this dominant belief he needs to start taking care of himself, and start growing.

Now, this flies in the face of what society tells you, what the church tells you.

Society is not interested in you, it actually prefers that you are anaemic, weak, tired, and stagnant. Society doesn’t like giants.

But LIFE does.

The distinction I borrowed from Kabbalah because it feels right is “desire to receive for the self alone”.


Dominant beliefs? Will your thoughts change after I pull the twist that altered your dominant being?

Dominant thoughts? or Dominant being?
What you think has little to do with your actions.

The connection between speaking and action needs to be established, good example, when you read the instructions. It is not obvious how to do what the words say, and it is not obvious that understanding can lead you to that action. Seeing an action allows you to copy it: action to action: no translator is needed. But words to action… lots can be lost in the translation.

That is the biggest puzzlement of teachers… and very few are able to create a bridge between words and actions successfully.

So when teachers, wannabe teachers teach that you should change your thoughts, they are screwing with you. They cater to your mind, but only the mind will be happy if you follow the teaching. Not you.


Myopic? Narrow Minded? Stop on the surface? I need two more comments!

Having a child is like causing your own immortality. Your genes live on in your child, and your ego really wants that child to be the best… better than you.

You want to live through your child, and you want it to be glorious, even if your actual life is… hm… shitty?

The child, by the way, considers this an unfair binding… and resents it, wiggles out of it… the child wants to be free, make her own mistakes… have a life that is hers alone.

That is the norm.


What is intelligence, really? And how does intelligence raise your vibration?

What is intelligence, really?

In Landmark Education there is a saying that most people don’t get, but is profound: Your actions are in a perfect dance with how the world occurs to you.

Now, it’s poetic and all that, because of the funky words, dance and occur, but it is probably the most profound thing anyone can say… and it took me about 15 years to get it.

Let me explain first those two words:


Christmas, alone, my empath mother, being the true empath, and getting to no thing

As far as I can see back, Christmas was a painful reminder that I am alone.

I always wanted to go home… home was a place where I longed to be, but I had no idea what that would be like. Surely where I lived wasn’t home. Surely the people I was with left me feeling alone.

Later, relationship made my life busy, but I still felt alone. Not envying others, not something wrong, just alone. Like you are on the top of a mountain, and no one to share the experience with.


Gossip and the two wolves: good and evil.

What is choice, really? Do you ever choose? Probably not.

Choice: Selecting freely, AFTER consideration

I think, at some point in our lives we decide whether we want to be good or bad.

I decided twice. The first time I decided that somebody had to pay for my misery… and the only way to have them pay, whether they were guilty or not, is to be bad.

Then, when I learned the art and power of taking responsibility, of pulling the power to myself, I made a new decision, I decided to be on the side of good.


Are you good? Are you bad?

Our last Playground, earlier today, was on the topic of “good/bad.”

It’s a great topic. Why? Because you are limited by that, good and bad, more than most any other adjective: you want to be good, you need to be good, you pretend to be good, you fancy yourself as a good person, you sell your soul to be thought of as good. God will let you into heaven if you are good… you go to hell if you are bad… blah, blah, blah. Lots of greed, lots of suffering around good and bad.

As a foreigner I watch it with fascination. Good and bad is worn like a uniform, covering up a ton of anxiety.