When you decide to do something for yourself... to grow...

992c7c4d24d13d506d6c5fd87c3f536cBetween two chairs I find myself fallen and sitting on the floor

I don't know if you can recognize this situation, but my hunch is: you should.

Your attention is divided. Your intentions are divided. And NOTHING gets done.

It should be a daily concern... if it is not, you are probably in a rut.

What is a rut? A trench... you can either go forward or you can go backwards... Or stand still, hoping that it will give you a sense of being alive.

Whenever you add a new task, you have to go through this state: if you don't, then you didn't mean to add the task.
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Why those giants became giants and not you?

1673296-poster-physicsYou are Stuck...

Stuck without a solution, stuck in a tight spot, stuck in a relationship, stuck with an irrevocable promise, stuck in a job, stuck.

This is the landscape of our life. NORMAL.

Whether we verbalize it or not, we feel stuck... life seems against us, and we feel, to ourselves a poor match to deal with what we need to deal with.

Please, to enjoy this article, look at your life for a moment or two and see how in many different aspects of your life you feel stuck.

I am doing the same thing, now that I have redefined what it means to be stuck.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

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Republished: What if what you are most proud of about yourself is what holds you back in life

how to get unstuckUpdate August 2016: I think this article goes really well with my "giants" article, so I am republishing it, yet again. It is germane, apropos, relevant to the new discovery I am sharing in that article today.

Update: This article was written two years ago, and a lot has happened, but we never again addressed these life-suckers... Since we are working on anchor-to-doom and the actions necessary to live a life not determined by the doom... we probably will need to talk about these minor anchors... the topic of this article. These keep us stuck, suck our aliveness, curtail our successes, and make us inauthentic and pretending. So they are important.

We'll use transformation to get unstuck: transformation is caused by making the invisible visible...

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

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Why you are not confident... Why you don't trust yourself... Why you aren't happy...

self-confidenceI watch, I observe people's behavior and the emotions that go with it.

Unless I can see what you did, your emotions and much of your behavior don't make sense.

And occasionally I get the opportunity to see both the actions and the emotions...

  1. The most frequent behavior is you acting without looking.

    Much like a drunk jumps into an empty pool... expecting it to be full.

    You buy something. You are on the payment page. You assume you know what's there... you are not looking. You don't even suspect that you are singing up to a monthly program as well... and that you need to "un-tick" that if you don't want it.
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The path to anything you want leads through 90% blockage elimination and 10% addition

removing-blockages-to-flowIf you are able to catch the point, have the power of distilling essence... aka called distinguishing, you have seen in all my work, and all of Tai Lopez's 69 steps, that every single session, every single article, every single video is about stuff you do, be, see, believe, think, feel, that keep you stuck.

So, in essence, all spiritual work, and all transformational work is getting you unstuck.

And all fake programs, all fake gurus are about getting you stuck... filling your head with useless crap.

One of my students sent me a laundry (long) list of what she should do...

It was her 67-steps answers... answer to one of the steps... I don't know what number.

It is not possible to do 100 things, especially in the thick of life. When you are in a hurry, upset, troubled, etc.

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What is YOUR Dark Side?

What is YOUR Dark Side?What is YOUR Dark Side?

Mine is, definitely, feeling like the only one who can be trusted. If I cannot be the only one... I am not even interested. Messiah complex... lol. Very funny.

What I need for this Dark Side to prevail is people who are not able, not willing to rise to the occasion... in spite of all my efforts.

I spent last week in that space... I am the only one, bah-bah-bah, sob-sob, hate-hate.

I was watching it with curiosity, not with resistance, and it left. On its own. It could not survive observation, it could not hide because of curiosity.

This is true for anything from the Dark Side... it can thrive, run your life, only if it is not observed with sober eyes. Or amused... Instead, it is resisted, it shouldn't be, etc.

As long as you can't find yours, you are still either completely unaware, or are in denial about it.
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Drama... your story... did it happen?

storm-drama-rainWhat do I call drama?

Every negative, uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling that you feel, experience, indicates drama. A story played out inside you. While you are involved in that drama you are not involved in life, you are taking an entertainment break: your relationships, your health, your work will suffer as a result.

Some of us are even addicted to that drama: for all I know it creates a sense of aliveness for the morbid, especially for people whose life is otherwise empty, void of purpose.
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I don't know what to do! I am stuck!

i_don__t_know_what_to_doIn this article I talk about one of the ways you can get stuck... so this is a get unstuck article... I didn't know when I started to write it.

You can get stuck in lots of ways, but getting unstuck is almost always to same: a process...

Once you read the actual case-study, mine, I'll go into detail of the process of unstucking yourself... Now read it!

As you know, as part of keeping myself sharp and on the edge, I have taken on a project to sell products on Amazon.com.

I had a hunch that it will be a challenge, but I had no idea how difficult it was going to be.

So, here I am, in my third month of my challenge, and I got to a point where I am just sitting, and feel absolutely doomed.
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Existential Courage, taking risks, and what will be the most important turning point in your life

sleep rescue aka Heaven on EarthOne of the most important things I have ever done in my life is find out what really holds me back from taking risks.

After all, if you want to grow, as a person, as a business, you need to take risks: all power comes from going out of your comfort zone, and it's a risk.

The kind of risk that causes you to grow is the kind of risk you need existential courage to face.

The other risk, existential risk, is annihilation of your physical body, but the kind of risk that causes growth is the kind that threatens to annihilate your self-image, your persona, to make you look bad, be wrong, be less than you desire to be.

So you can see, you have that kind of risk every step of the way, while the other, existential risk is rare and dull in comparison.

Let me return to the most important thing I have ever done, and that is: find out and own my biggest fear. Embrace it, if you wish... Love it, if you wish...
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