Learning lessons the hard way... or the easy way... Part 2

thought experimentThe brilliance in the movie, "It's a wonderful life" is that the angel creates a thought experiment what the world would be like if our hero hadn't been born.

Thought experiments are uniquely human: animals don't do thought experiments.

The minimum intelligence required to create a thought experiment is 70... and I am not talking about IQ measured intelligence, I am talking about overall intelligence.

The average intelligence in the world is 50... But all my site's visitors qualify.

So let's look at that movie and see what is a thought experiment:

If X were different, in the movie take out the main character... and then look at different elements that you know how they are... the marriage, the loan bank, etc. The amount of happiness, the amount of difference.

Now let's look at different examples of thought experiments, all in the area of my work of becoming someone who loves life, and lives it successfully.

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Stuck in a rut? Would you like to find your way out?

stuck in a rut?Stuck in a rut? Would you like to find your way out?

You are not alone.

My coaches, mentors, teachers, friends, and clients are stuck too, from time to time.

Take one of my teachers: she has been dealing with some downward spirals, that completely felt as something that has no solution.

Their expensive, and almost brand new RV suddenly needed major repair, and the funds weren't there.

To add insult to injury, there started to be some legal issues, then health issues... so it looked bleak, and devastating.

In our conversation I went through a series of tools I have in my tool-box... and when I got to the question: do you know the 9-dot exercise, the light bulb went off for my teacher, and she came up with a solution that, if not solved it, made the situation bearable.

So what is this tool box, and what do the 9 dots mean? How can YOU use this to get out of a predicament, a situation that seems to have no solution:
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