What Is Higher Vibration? How Would You Know It?

I wrote this article 2011… even with the rewrite it has notions I no longer consider. It has mentions of stuff I have completely eliminated from my teaching. But it is worth reading: it probably bridges to the general public better than my newer articles…

What is higher vibration?
How would you know it? How would you feel it? Why would you want it? What is this thing about?

Emotional Intelligence: learning what emotions are…

Given that I go deep inside humans… deep into the invisible… all the way to DNA, this article is different than what everyone says about emotional intelligence…

So if you want the same b.s. beware… It isn’t.

Your dominant belief gone: It is actions that change your life, but what is there to do?

Note: In this article I will use action and behavior interchangeably…

If you have ever attended a course on making money, or starting a business, you will recall the leader’s frantic call for “massive action.” Then they achieve a whopping 1% actually doing it.

Why is this call frantic? Why does it have to be said? And why does it fail?

Because people have a life already, perfectly and totally defined by their current actions.

Actions come from a place that is unfamiliar or unknown to most people. Most of the actions are habitual, ineffective, and there is no room for new actions, or the new, prescribed actions directly conflict with the habitual actions.


Why aren’t you happy? What Kabbalah has to say about that…

According to Kabbalah (I studied¬† at the Kabbalah Centre. Most Kabbalists disagree with the Kabbalah Centre’s take on Kabbalah… ) you EARN your light.

Light is everything that keeps you alive, everything that you enjoy, everything you value. Sustenance, sex, pleasure, fulfillment… everything.

Obviously you want more of it, and obviously you don’t want to work for it… unless you enjoy work…

Work here doesn’t apply only to work that you do to earn money. Anything that you have to do consciously against your own laziness, ego, dark side, is considered work in Kabbalah.

The Soul Corrections are a list of types of work, one can do to earn light. Tell the truth, face the tiger, reveal your dark side, let go of superiority, circulate money, honor, respect, care for and about others… lots of them, and you probably have heard at least most of them. You consider them virtues…

Now, like all useful systems, it works on checks and balances, and it can be rigged.


Spells, curses, spell casting, spellworking… WTF?

If you read my horror story about Ayahausca, you know that the number of attachments on people were in the 30’s, and the type were spells… killing spells.

Even I got a bunch, because I didn’t cloak myself… Now I do. I got curious about spells… I am an educated woman, and spells belong to the uneducated and imaginative… My opinion strictly. I mean wanting spells, “getting” spells, and such. I am not necessarily talking about the witches, at least not all of them.

Compared to these witches and sorcerers, shamans, and other showy practitioners, I am a lame housewife, a pedestrian… sitting in my underwear by the computer, connect, find and grab the attachment with my hands, and pull until there is no more… No poetry, no drama, no formidable… lol. No magik.


What is your approach to spirituality? Feminine and Masculine? Osho on silence

This article is not for everyone. If you haven’t been a seeker, this is not for you. This article is quotes from an email conversation with a client who can’t create a powerful blockage to energetic, malicious, attachments and spells…

What is your approach to spirituality? Feminine and Masculine?

Feminine is: waiting for it to come to you, passive.

Spirituality, access to the beyond, your relationship to life needs to be feminine… an agressive male approach will take you away from what you are trying to accomplish.

This whole topic came up because a student of mine needs to frequently cloak herself. She also wants to bubble.

Cloaking is very easy, and enough for temporary protection against attachments, but she wants to bubble herself too. Why? I didn’t ask.


Friction is the ladder for growth

Chafing, strife, conflict is the condition inside which spiritual growth can be attained. Peace, quiet, silence is exactly the opposite condition, therefore no spiritual growth happens.

Just like a fire won’t become big fire unless it is bothered by winds, just like love will be a tepid business unless there is opposing energies, you won’t become the best you can be, unless you are willing to accept that strive, chafing, conflict, pain and suffering is the path.

You may not know it, but people “in the business” of spirituality do.


Muscle testing course… with an audio that instantly connects you

Why you need muscle testing
One of the most useful things when you are working with the invisible, is the tool of accurate muscle testing.

The first problem with muscle testing is that it’s not accurate unless you manage to connect to Source (i.e. be outside of your mind and outside of your ego, interest, vanity, looking good, and being right) while you are doing it.It’s not easy, and therefore you should not trust your muscle testing, unless you can connect to Source.Unfortunately, only a few of the people I have taught have actually been able to stay connected and muscle test… They can do one or the other, but not together.So, this morning, I asked Source if there was a way, like a tone, that would instantly disrupt the horizontal… i.e. the ego, etc. and put you into connection, whether you want to or not, though I guess you want to.


Nothing succeeds like success, nothing fails like success

Nothing fails like success

Most of us think that we are miserable because we don’t have everything we ever wanted. Because we are not smart enough, talented enough, successful enough. Because we don’t have enough money, etc.

You think that successful people are happy. Actually, the more successful someone is the less happy they become.

When you are poor and all your efforts are about providing yourself and your family with what you need… you have little thought about the inner emptiness… who cares, as long as you can fill your stomach.

But once you fulfill the base layers of Maslow’s hierarchy, the yearning for inner peace, inner riches starts to become strong, loud, and misery creating.

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What’s missing from Rapid Peace, the Power of Now, and other books…

Everybody and their sister is teaching you to be in the present moment, to surrender to the present moment.

I have observed people who loved it in Eckhart Tolle’s book, and now I am observing a famous marketer marketing an ebook on the same principle.


There is always a but, have you noticed?

Everything of this genre works for some people and doesn’t for most.

What is the difference between people, and how come the people teach it, don’t know the difference? Because they don’t…