Emotional Intelligence: learning what emotions are…

Given that I go deep inside humans… deep into the invisible… all the way to DNA, this article is different than what everyone says about emotional intelligence…

So if you want the same b.s. beware… It isn’t.

Seeing what you cannot see

Why slowing down is a good move, a good strategy, but not a solution by itself?

One of the biggest missing is seeing the big picture. It’s across the board, and across all levels of intelligence.

Seeing the big picture is a practice, not a capacity.

You cannot see the big picture, until you stop, step back, and look.

Now, here, at the looking level, your vibration, your intelligence, your experience, your knowledge level is very important: you can’t catch what you don’t see, and you can’t see what you haven’t seen before.


Don’t be hungry! Don’t be eager! Don’t be hellbent on success! Don’t be infatuated!

Many people may say to you: to be successful, you need to have fire in the belly. You need to be hungry.

So people, maybe you, beat yourself into a feeding frenzy, and set out to conquer the world.

Your mother said: don’t go food shopping when you are hungry. Why? Because when your belly calls the shot, your higher faculties take leave of absence, and you’ll make horrible decisions. You’ll buy everything you should not eat, and enough food for ten. I have done it… horrid.

It is when the tail wags the dog.


What’s poisoning your life? What’s poisoning your mind?

One of my favorite readers wrote: When I read this: “but there is no book or course available anywhere that asks you to look at what is poisoning your mind and being, what keeps you out of the present moment, what is sucking you dry anywhere…..”, I thought of the book you wanted to write. I thought that maybe you could have a book that addresses this subject, but in your style.