Emotional Intelligence: learning what emotions are…

Given that I go deep inside humans… deep into the invisible… all the way to DNA, this article is different than what everyone says about emotional intelligence…

So if you want the same b.s. beware… It isn’t.

John Assaraf and his Winning the inner game of money

I review a lot of gurus and teachers… I reviewed John Assaraf, a money guru, almost three years ago.

I connect to the person and muscle test numbers, feel their emotions and intentions… and draw conclusions from my findings.

Winning the inner game of money is the course John Assaraf is offering nowadays. Should you buy it? Will it suddenly enable you to make money in spite of yourself?

One surprise side effect of fighting the mite epidemic…

There have been a surprise side effect to fighting the mite epidemic: people are able to see if they are conscious or not, if they are awake or not, if they are in their head or not.

Now, that doesn’t seem like much… after all they have to do it, because otherwise the mites kill them, maim them, or just plain make them miserable.

But the truth is a lot simpler and at the same time a lot more complicated: awareness doesn’t care what you are aware of. Awareness, once it there, is aware of a lot more than where it’s directed.

So, people got aware of their attitude, their forcefulness, their moods, their actions, their inner monologue… and, surprise, this sudden awareness, this sudden bringing conscious awareness, consciousness to life, has started to raise people’s vibration.


Republished: Meditation: How To Use It? Instead of just sitting… or waiting for an experience…

Meditation: a very philosophical article. You’ll probably hate it! I wrote it four years ago, and I revisited, by accident, today.

What is meditation and what is the role of meditation?

I will examine this question as a non-meditator who has tried to meditate (TM) and failed.

I am not against meditation. Meditation is a tool, to allow all knowledge to reach you, past the noise, from all there is, distinguished as knowledge beyond your own, and as a tool: it is invaluable.

I have been quasi “meditating” the past day or so… the questions I am meditating over are

whether God is a sentient being

whether the “law” of attraction, the law that says that you can earn something coming to you by adjusting your vibration to its…


Anything you pursue is running from you…

I visited a website today that is packed with articles about 5 steps to this and 7 steps to that, about happiness, about your body, about money.

And people are eating it up. They share it. They comment… Yaay, some different ways to pursue what you desire.

But all those readers are like lemmings throwing themselves off the cliff… What?

This past week I took a break from nonfiction reading, and have been reading novels and novellas again.


If you don’t want to buy the Bug Free Mind book, but want the benefits…

The hardest bad behavior, for me, to get rid of is blame… pointing fingers, feeling superior to others.

I can see bad behavior, but to identify with it, to map it on myself is difficult.

But, ultimately that is what the Bug Free Mind book does: bring into conscious awareness that which you can’t do when you are aware and conscious… The behaviors that are below you, the behaviors that harm others, the behaviors that harm you. It’s a path to self-knowledge, a crystallization of the self… which you need to raise your vibration.

So, I finished the Bug Free Mind book, the first book…


Coughing and sneezing in the morning?

Coughing and sneezing are designed by the body as a strategy to eject an intruder. Mucus membranes overflow and cover the offending object, the intruder, and then a lot of air is to push it out.

The question is: what is the offending object?

Instead of just labeling this phenomenon as “I have allergies” consider that a little observation, a little awareness, a little witnessing can make a huge difference.


The tragedy of marriage

The tragedy of marriage is that women think that man will change, but they won’t. Men think the woman won’t change but they do.

I heard this sentence yesterday on Netflix. I immediately had to write it down. Just like I wrote down a previous sentence, that I loved: I fit into that crowd like a fart in a crowded elevator.


Don’t be hungry! Don’t be eager! Don’t be hellbent on success! Don’t be infatuated!

Many people may say to you: to be successful, you need to have fire in the belly. You need to be hungry.

So people, maybe you, beat yourself into a feeding frenzy, and set out to conquer the world.

Your mother said: don’t go food shopping when you are hungry. Why? Because when your belly calls the shot, your higher faculties take leave of absence, and you’ll make horrible decisions. You’ll buy everything you should not eat, and enough food for ten. I have done it… horrid.

It is when the tail wags the dog.