What is your approach to spirituality? Feminine and Masculine? Osho on silence

This article is not for everyone. If you haven’t been a seeker, this is not for you. This article is quotes from an email conversation with a client who can’t create a powerful blockage to energetic, malicious, attachments and spells…

What is your approach to spirituality? Feminine and Masculine?

Feminine is: waiting for it to come to you, passive.

Spirituality, access to the beyond, your relationship to life needs to be feminine… an agressive male approach will take you away from what you are trying to accomplish.

This whole topic came up because a student of mine needs to frequently cloak herself. She also wants to bubble.

Cloaking is very easy, and enough for temporary protection against attachments, but she wants to bubble herself too. Why? I didn’t ask.


Osho: your emptiness within. your efforts without

What is greed?

Man feels meaningless, empty, hollow within, and wants to fill it, stuff it. The effort to fill it somehow is greed. That effort is bound to fail for the simple reason because whatsoever you accumulate remains on the outside; it cannot reach within you. And the problem is within… and the solution you are seeking is without.

For example, you are feeling meaningless inside you and you are trying to fill it by money. It is a stupid effort, unconscious effort, not seeing a simple point: that money can be gathered, accumulated, but it will pile up around you. You can have mountains of money around you…there have been people with mountains of money.

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Judgment: What is judgment? what is it really? The whole picture…


Update: When we are on a lower level of consciousness, we think it is all about us. What we do, what other people say, our results… everything. So our “self” is always in danger of falling off its pedestal, and we feel that with it we die.

The reason: we can’t tell, we don’t even think, that we and our actions are not the same. We can’t see that we do something, and the results of those actions don’t change who we are… there is no real connection. The results are the results, you are you, no connection.

Raise your vibration the easy way, the transformational way

I just read an article that was re-published on 15 thousand sites! obviously, it resonated with people. The article’s title is “15 things you should give up to be happy”.

Now, I read the article, and I can promise you that it has never changed anyone’s life for the better.
Why? Because giving up is a head-on action, like fixing.
When you face the thing you “should” give up, you are supposed to give up to be happy, the thing is right across your face, occupying your whole mind.


New post on the healing blog about fructose… and what it can do to your teeth, your throat, your voice, your esophagus

I had this insight in that theta brain state in the morning when I was about to wake up…

I have been struggling with acid reflux. It started about three weeks ago when I started to enjoy some jam on my toast again in the morning.

I forgot why I’d stopped using anything that has fruit in it… the fructose! duh.

But then, in this half dream half awake state, the insights came.

I have a client who can only whisper, because his vocal cord got damaged…
And there is this other client who has a tumor in his throat…

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Being, Granting Beingness, granting being, allowing to be


Whatever you resist, make wrong, want to change, fix, and can’t leave alone, hooks you and makes you prisoner.

Now, here is the rub. Talking about flying isn’t. Talking about beingess isn’t.

Beingness is created by WORD, but talking about it doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Werner Erhard talks about beingness, Ron L. Hubbard talked about beingess, the gurus talk about beingness…


Why is this happening to me?

Why is this happening to me? add the whiny voice… and you can hear that this is not a useful question.

On the other hand, when you can answer that question (without asking it first), it has the same effect as a light switch flicked in a dark room.

So, how do you get to the answer without first asking that whiny question?


Get your hopes up

Some people write so much better than me. Some people are so much more inspiring than me. But I don’t know anyone who is better than me in being committed to you becoming an Expanding Human Being… That commitment helps me cope with my deficiencies. I got my hopes up, and I have been living “at risk” and “on the hook” ever since… and I love almost every minute of it… And when I don’t… I get my hopes up again.

This article is by one of my favorite people, Roy Williams. Enjoy.

Get Your Hopes Up

I’m talking with a man about his happy future. There will be decisions to make and risks to take, but it’s a future that can definitely be his.

And then he says, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.”