How to reclaim your Self from the mind and why

The mind doesn’t know who you are. The mind also doesn’t care who you are. The mind also doesn’t care if you enjoy life, live life fully, are fulfilled, or not.

The mind is in cahoots with the world, with the “community”, with society, because that is how it was trained, by society.

If and when the mind is calling the shot in your life, you become an effect, instead of the cause, the Creator of your life, you were meant to be.


Judgment: What is judgment? what is it really? The whole picture…


Update: When we are on a lower level of consciousness, we think it is all about us. What we do, what other people say, our results… everything. So our “self” is always in danger of falling off its pedestal, and we feel that with it we die.

The reason: we can’t tell, we don’t even think, that we and our actions are not the same. We can’t see that we do something, and the results of those actions don’t change who we are… there is no real connection. The results are the results, you are you, no connection.

The doors to heaven swing on little hinges or the delusion that keeps them closed

What’s missing that ALL self-improvement, self-development products end up on the “fraud” pile that is as high as mount Everest?

Ultimately there are two types of teachers:

Can do (occasionally) what they teach, but unaware and unconscious of what they are doing

Can’t even do what they teach, but expect you to do it regardless


It’s not wrong beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty, sickness, or misery

Beliefs are thought forms. Words. Mind-stuff.

The Universe is holographic. Holographic, among others, means that the patterns repeat in big and small things alike.
One of the patterns is the tree-like diagram of root-stem-fruit. We’ll examine that pattern in this article
The roots are hidden in the soil. The stem looks the same for most trees. And then the fruit is very specific.

Most self-improvement systems are busy improving the fruit without ever attending, or even being aware of the roots.


What it takes to get ahead in life, what it takes to raise your vibration from where you are now

We must admit there are people who do LIFE better than we do, they get ahead, they live well, seem happy.

How do successful people do it? They have good judgment. But where do you get such good judgement from? Good judgment comes from bad experience. And the bad experience comes from pain. What you do with it will make all the difference, what is your attitude towards it, will make you win in life, or stuck in life.

Here is a famous story, an illustration: