I think I have finally hit the magic button. I am starting to drop weight without trying

I wrote this article four years ago.

I re-read it. Since then my weight dropped to 122 lbs, and I can be considered thin. And most of the things I swear by in this article are no longer true.

The truth value of this article is 10%… meaning: 90% is not true.

Since I wrote this I have learned a lot. So what is not true? beef. Grass fed means that in the last month of the cow’s life they turn off the grain… Not enough to clean the cow up…

Butter: turns out that there are two kinds of cows: the original cow and the enhanced cow, enhanced for milk production. The original cow is only in a handful of countries, France, India, and if I remember correctly, Iceland or Greenland… the skinny looking cows…

The cows that give a lot of milk are killer cows. Their milk will rot your teeth, make you fat, give you heart disease, childhood diabetes.

Would The Michelangelo Method Work For You With Your Money Blueprint?

money blueprintThe Michelangelo Method and your money blueprint

In a previous article I told you about the three-phase methodology of changing your money blueprint, that will allow you to make, keep, and enjoy more financial benefits than your money blueprint currently allows you to have.

The 3 steps were:

The first part of the process is to diagnose.
The second part of the process is to shift.
The third part of the process is to  create a new set-point.

What are not spoken of in the plan are the common actions we all do that backfire and make all our actions ineffective, and work against our best interest.

I dubbed this method the Michelangelo Method because it has its emphasis on removing these actions, thoughts, and beliefs, in one word the causes, that work against the masterpiece you were meant to be. By removing these active elements (the part of you that is not the masterpiece), you’ll be left with your masterpiece… just like Michelangelo was left with David after he chipped away everything that was not David. Continue reading “Would The Michelangelo Method Work For You With Your Money Blueprint?”