The truth about erasing negativity – Updated

If you are like me, you want to feel free, at ease, full of energy, loving life. But…

The journey to freedom has been fraught with controversies…

Of all the things I’ve ever done, (outside of personal coaching), it was removing attachments, cords, curses and spells, and removing the gaping wounds of the soul fragments… that proved to be the most effective thing to turn people around, and raise their vibration.


Everyone and their brother talks about removing negativity, but they talk about this, and go about it waving a magic wand. Nothing they say works to remove negativity actually works.


What is Vibration?

What is vibration? What is the vibration that is the vibrational scale of 1 to 1000?
In this article I’ll answer the questions: what is vibration, and what that means. I’ll also tell you how to measure vibration. And in the end I’ll let you know how to pick a teacher or a guru who is the best vibrational match to you, so you can start raising your vibration with their teaching.

Christmas, alone, my empath mother, being the true empath, and getting to no thing

As far as I can see back, Christmas was a painful reminder that I am alone.

I always wanted to go home… home was a place where I longed to be, but I had no idea what that would be like. Surely where I lived wasn’t home. Surely the people I was with left me feeling alone.

Later, relationship made my life busy, but I still felt alone. Not envying others, not something wrong, just alone. Like you are on the top of a mountain, and no one to share the experience with.


The doors to heaven swing on little hinges or the delusion that keeps them closed

What’s missing that ALL self-improvement, self-development products end up on the “fraud” pile that is as high as mount Everest?

Ultimately there are two types of teachers:

Can do (occasionally) what they teach, but unaware and unconscious of what they are doing

Can’t even do what they teach, but expect you to do it regardless


How your soul correction predestines you to certain diseases… and what you can do to prevent it

How being a politician, politics, the attitude is connected to disease, illness, and such?

In very simple terms, the attitude, the context inside which a “politician” lives is that an action isn’t about an action, it is about something else, preferably hidden.

Don’t be surprised if you find that your life is largely the life of a “politician” with a hidden agenda.

Before I continue, before I give you examples, let me explain why it’s important to know.

When I look at people, look at them from the inside of them… as a true empath, I find that they are split. That there is a lot of “space” between their true intention and the intention that they want others to perceive.

That split is what creates illness. The gap between the two realities: hidden agenda and projected persona.