Anything you pursue is running from you…

I visited a website today that is packed with articles about 5 steps to this and 7 steps to that, about happiness, about your body, about money.

And people are eating it up. They share it. They comment… Yaay, some different ways to pursue what you desire.

But all those readers are like lemmings throwing themselves off the cliff… What?

This past week I took a break from nonfiction reading, and have been reading novels and novellas again.


Do you allow yourself to be sad? On the first spring day?

I was feeling blue today. I opened the windows, and the noise from the outside was deafening… compared to the silence I have enjoyed all winter. I got a headache, I started to think of moving to someplace where it’s quiet… no grass mowers, no road repair, no people.

I felt the sadness. Grieving. My mind was digging up stories of sadness. One of my favorite book characters is sad, and is attracted to sad women… Henry Bosch.

Especially around a character, Cassie Black who later re-appears as Lena, if I remember correctly. Sad. Loss. Aloneness.


You are 3% Neanderthal… is that a good thing?


I find myself weeping, gripped with remorse… remorse the injustice 30,000 years ago… Remorse for the loss of brilliance, the loss of future that could have been.

Watch the documentary in the end, if you have time.

If you can weep, you have empathy. If you can’t… oh well…

First genocide of human beings occurred 30,000 years ago