Who you are was created… An empath, Kabbalah, the words

Part 1: the empath
If you have to suffer, make it meaningful. It will hurt less

Empaths have a glitch in their brain, I say, that makes that feel not only their own bad emotions, but others’ as well.

I didn’t know I was an empath until the year 2000. I was 53 years old. And I hadn’t known such a thing existed. I thought what I felt was all mine. And I suffered. For a decade or so I was under doctor’s care, often hospitalized.

I had some indicators I can see with 20/20 hindsight, but I still thought nothing of them.

Whenever, wherever I was around or near horny people, I felt what they felt. Horrible, if you ask me.

And when my doctors wanted to shock me out of my bad state, and I refused treatment, they resorted to send me to the cold showers and that allowed me to feel myself only for a bit… and I was ‘cured’.

Humans feel horrible feelings and I have to feel their feelings.
I have been thinking about this: if you are condemned to suffer, maybe your job is to make it useful so you don’t suffer in vain.
Lots of people have done that… people with horrid diseases, addictions, etc. But they did it AFTER they got rid of the pain…

For an empath there is no getting rid of the pain. But if you don’t train yourself to be a true empath, like a precise instrument. To know how to connect reliably to a person, they it is just vague horrid pain… for no reason. Like my mother’s beatings: I never knew what I did wrong, she never told me. Something I did made her angry and she beat me… What made her angry? I have no idea.

My mother was an empath too… unaware, untrained, unpredictable.

I think being an empath is an aberration… not something that is supposed to be.

If you know that what you feel is another’s feeling they you are not an empath, you are a ‘sensitive’… Empaths feel others’ feelings as their own: anger, despair, grief, for no reason… I have to muscletest if a feeling is mine…
If you learn nothing else: learn to muscletest that. If it is not yours, then you can ignore it.
The body won’t… it will still be stiff. The stress won’t… it will still ravage your body. But your brain, your attention, your mood, and your ability to do life and you’ll free up your energy and ability to do work.

Other extrasensory perception people see and hear things, they say, that I say don’t exist, are not real.

And yet they hallucinate. Imagine. Tell you what you want to hear.

I was duped out of my paycheck by one of those some 57 years ago in Budapest…

One of the challenges of being a true empath is that you feel what is going on in another person’s body, while they may not feel it.

I have a client/student who told me yesterday that all his life he told himself to ignore, block the feelings, so he doesn’t appear weak.

But he has a veritable snowstorm inside… and now he is starting to feel it too.

Feelings, even emotions are guiding…
Part 2: the words
Emotions come from words. All