One surprise side effect of fighting the mite epidemic…

There have been a surprise side effect to fighting the mite epidemic: people are able to see if they are conscious or not, if they are awake or not, if they are in their head or not.

Now, that doesn’t seem like much… after all they have to do it, because otherwise the mites kill them, maim them, or just plain make them miserable.

But the truth is a lot simpler and at the same time a lot more complicated: awareness doesn’t care what you are aware of. Awareness, once it there, is aware of a lot more than where it’s directed.

So, people got aware of their attitude, their forcefulness, their moods, their actions, their inner monologue… and, surprise, this sudden awareness, this sudden bringing conscious awareness, consciousness to life, has started to raise people’s vibration.


Andy Shaw’s Bug free mind… The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The bad:
The biggest flaw of Andy Shaw’s work is it’s starting point.
Andy Shaw considers the mind important: He holds, that if you can change your mind you can change everything.
Not so. The mind isn’t the problem.

Even if you could change your mind, change the content in your mind, nothing would change.

The determinant of your actions, your attitude, your moods, your feelings is NOT the mind, but your being.


Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!

Warning: this is a long article! don’t start to read it if you have short attention span.

Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!
Change is the only permanent thing in the Universe
But do you know that there are many kinds of changes, and some are more desirable than others?

This article is about the types of change you will encounter while doing the work to raise your vibration.


When you love yourself, you love your life

Observe yourself: you do well, you get somewhere on time, you get to finish the project, you make yourself proud: and suddenly all that love spills out to your life. You smile under the blanket, and you ask: what happened?

This article will examine why you love yourself when you do, and what can you do that you can love yourself more of the time.