Who Are You, Madame Blavatsky?

Russian-American author, psychic, founded Theosophical Society, first big western attempt at religious/esoteric east-west synthesis. Quoting Kabbalah, “Thou art one, the root of all numbers, but not as an element of numeration; for unity admits not of multiplication, change, or form.” Remarkable for her time, though this does not outweigh rumours of fakery. Anti page is review of book (Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon) which blames Theosophy’s influence for virtually all 20th century mumbo-jumbo

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Alice Bailey

alice baileyAlice Bailey: a balanced look

The following is an attempt to present a balanced and intelligent look at the racial views of an extremely influential writer who is considered to be the initiator of the New Age Movement.

What is shown here is that a person can speak with great revelation, love, and power out of one side of their mouth and utter incredible stupidities and hatred out of the other. It is possible. We have to investigate whether there is a fraction of that kind of duality within each of us. We have to be careful about who we accept as teachers and what we assume to be true about people. Many spiritual teachers are surrounded by scandal and controversy, but Alice Bailey has to be the most hateful and stupid.

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Abdy Electriciteh

Abdy ElectricitehM born 1964 in Iran, based in Canada (TO) former investment broker, rediscovered childhood "gift" in 2001, "channels an energy that allows an individual to connect to their own divinity", said to have a huge transmission. May redeem this category, who knows. And yes, this is his birth name.

I write somewhere else on this site:

Abdy Electriciteh. His site says: Who Is Abdy
Abdy has an ancient, indescribable gift which allows people to attune to the vibration they need to receive for themselves.

The result is to be harmonized with one’s own soul. When the mind is harmonized with the soul, it is aligned in its own path and aligned in universal harmony.

“There is no name for what you receive.” Abdy

He has hourly energy transmissions.

Abdy's personal vibration: 130. He transmit energy that its vibration is 130. He places no attachment on you, thank god. Does he connect to anything? no. Just stirs the pot.


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Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha-HimadraAaravindha Himadra. Personal vibration: 130; truth value: 4%... meaning: 96% is not true, maybe even a lie.

Born: January 29, 1953 (age 64), United States of America

Books: Immortal Self: A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of the Immortal Masters

American, big in Germany, Sacred Solar Lineage from 24000+ BC, now more secret, known by AH "at an early age due to his gift of Saumedhika sight," remote Himalayan valleys, immortal masters, Sambodha intentional teaching community

a report from one of his exes

I wanted to share some of my experience that I had with that group, as it was something that I didn't expect and I would like to warn other people. I see that there is very little written on the web about Sambodha and I think it is because many people who have left it are afraid of retaliation from Aaravindha, the leader, and the close inner circle he surrounds himself with.Sambodha is a spiritual group that says it is about becoming enlightened and teaching followers all sorts of spiritual knowledge. It is owned and run by Aaravindha Himadra, who claims that he has a form of "inner sight" that allows him to see things about his students that they don't know themselves. He often diagnoses followers' physical and mental problems through this "sight." He also tells his followers what their past lives were, why they have the life/relationship they have, etc. He also claims to be able to see things that happened in history, find spiritual truths and techniques that nobody else knows, etc. He says he has a personal relationship with a group of "Immortals" who live in a hidden valley in the Himalayan Mountains, and he has a book about this. Many of his students believe that he is enlightened, and many take his word without questioning it.
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